Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 1, Day 4 #BigGirlsDoItRunning

Day 4 of #BigGirlsDoItRunning

If you missed my last couple days, you can click the tag "WilderWay" at the bottom of this post to link you to all the posts for the challenges.

Here's my recap of Day 3 and breakfast of Day 4.

Lunch was a temptation for me.  One of my coworkers was having a birthday and didn't want to do our usual salads.  She chose Panera.  Boy was I craving the Baked Potato Soup since they have it on Wednesdays.  I didn't get my usual 1/2 sandwich and soup with that yummy, yummy bread...  I ate my salad as usual, but had her get me a children's mac and cheese.  I know, that's not the best option, but it sounded good.  Sue me.  

One thing about lunch is it filled me up and I didn't grab an afternoon snack like I usually do.  So that's a positive.  

Wednesdays are my early days at work so I usually try to jam in a quick grocery stop before picking up the oldest from school.  Take a quick look at my cart!  I'm super proud of myself.  (The potatoes were for my mom so those aren't mine.  There is also chicken and bacon under the eggs.)

This is the healthiest carts I've had in...  well probably ever.  

When I got home, I cut up the watermelon, holy cow it's sweet! I prepped the chicken for tomorrow since I work late and hubby will have to cook it.  I also started dinner for hubs and I.  Pepper Steak with a little brown rice.  Yummy!

Before I cooked dinner, hubby went out to cut grass and I went for my walk!  I killed it.  I'm so proud of myself.  Everyday I try to push myself a little bit more whether it be to jog parts or add another side street.  

Dinner was amazing!  I added more peppers and onions than I usually do so we could grab a little more per serving.  One thing I did differently was I didn't make as much rice as I normally would.  I didn't use as much and hubby didn't seem to notice that there was less rice for us so that means he ate better too!

 At night we snacked on the watermelon and grapes that I had bought.  It was a great treat and healthier than the usual stuff we'd grab.

Again, I did have 1 diet coke but the rest was all water.  I drank a lot of it too.  It seemed as though I couldn't get enough.  Not sure why that is, but it's better than grabbing the soda.

Start of Day 4:

I have a late meeting at work today and won't get to do my walk today.  I wanted to get up early and walk before my shower, but I got up at 4:45 and it was super dark outside.  (You're probably thinking, duh it's morning, but I was hoping there was at least that early morning glow.  No such luck.)  Since I don't have the correct clothing to walk when it's pitch black, I decided it was my sign to go back to bed.  Do I feel guilty? Yes, but I think it was the best choice.

Weigh in this morning:
(I know this will fluctuate throughout the week, but I snuck a look at the weeks ahead and Jasinda said to weigh every day and make a note. I'm just implementing it earlier.)

Reminder of the weekly challenge:
No sugar at breakfast.  Focus on protein-rich foods.  Completely cut out all sugar before noon.  

Again for breakfast hubby made eggs with peppers and green onions.  I had my water for a drink. I didn't want to grab any donuts or rice krispies.  I did want to sneak some of my grapes and strawberries I cleaned for lunch, and I could have, but I wanted to save them for lunch since it's going to be a long day today.  

I'm at work now.  I'm not tired.  I wasn't even tired on the way to work which is a complete turn around because I'm usually fighting to stay awake.  It's been scary sometimes.  I don't know why I want to fall asleep like that in the car but the last few days nothing!  So, if anything, that's a huge plus for me!

I'm not looking forward to staying late today and missing my walk, but maybe it will be good to give my body a day of rest?  Who knows.  We'll see tomorrow when I weigh in!  

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