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LAST CALL!! Cover Reveal Sign Ups for Give Me All of You


Cover Reveal & Blog Tour Sign Ups for Give Me All of You NOW!

Cover Reveal 

Title: Give Me All of You 

Author: FL Jacob
Date: Feb 5
Genre: Contemporary

Blog Tour 

Title: Give Me All of You

Author: FL Jacob 

Date: March 23-29

Genre: Contemporary

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#TeaserTuesday ~ Give Me All of You

It's Tuesday!  Another week closer to the release of Give Me All of You!

You know what that means?  You get a sneak peak.  This week is not a scheduled chapter release, but I will give you a picture teaser from later on in the book!


I can't wait for you to get to know Jake and Beth!

Did you miss Chapter 1 & Chapter 2?  Read them now to get ready for next week!

Also, don't forget the cover reveal is coming up!  

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#TeaserTuesday - Chapter 2 - Give Me All of You - Jake & Beth's Story

Give Me All of You
Black Hollywood Series, Book 3
Beth & Jake's Story

COMING March 2015
Add it to your goodreads TBR list NOW!…/show/22513847-give-me-all-of-you

Every other Tuesday starting January 5th I will release a chapter to my upcoming book, Give Me All of You, until it releases in March!  So stay tuned!  

Did you miss Chapter 1?  Check it out here.

So, without further ado....  
*Chapter is unedited and subject to change prior to publication.  Copyright 2015 by FL Jacob*

Chapter 2

I slam the door behind me as I start to undress.  It’s been a long damn day of dealing with stuck up dance moms.  Sabrina always tells me she owes me for what I go through.  She’s damn right.  No one gets paid enough for this shit.  She’s my best friend, the sister I never had.  Even on the worst day though I am thankful that Sabrina offered me the job as Studio Manager.  At first I laughed when she offered me a job because I can’t dance to save my life.  Well, I can get into the club dancing but real choreographed shit, forget it.  Then she explained she needed someone to keep the office in order so she could focus on teaching.  It was right up my alley since I was a business major.  The best part was we built the studio from the ground up so I didn't have to fix anyone else’s mistakes.  Sabrina and I have been very successful. 

     My thoughts drift off as I kick off my shoes into the open closet.  They hit the wall with a loud thud and I shimmy my hips out of my black yoga pants leaving me in my pink thong and Hollywood Stars shirt.  My blond hair is pulled up in a messy ponytail and I feel like my makeup from this morning is gone.  If I look as bad as I feel, I might as well crawl into bed now and sleep until morning. 

     I run my hands over my face sending my mind into overdrive, what the hell is Jake talking about? Moving in together?  What does he want from me?  I’m afraid, afraid to let him further into my heart, afraid to watch him turn his back on me when he finds out my horrible secret.  Plus, why ruin something that is working. Right now I still have my apartment and even though I haven’t been there recently it’s still there for an escape if things get too heavy.  If we move, well that’s permanent and I could lose everything, worst of all my heart. 

     I don’t even hear him walk in because I’m facing the wall deep in thought.  His warm embrace slides around my waist sending an instant calm over my body.  He places his chin on my shoulder and pulls me tighter against his hard body. 

     “Who put you in the corner, baby?” 

     I sigh and let my eyes close.  His voice vibrates through to my soul.

     “I’m sorry I brought it up.  Just forget it.”

     Damn that accent gets me every time, sending a rush of warmth through my body and a tingle between my legs. 

     “I’m sorry I was so short, it’s just been a hell of a day.  Plus, you know I can’t.” I turn my head so my lips are millimeters away from his.  We hold each other’s gaze and I can’t help but notice the hurt in his eyes.  I cover his hand with one of mine and slide my other hand up to cradle his face sliding my fingers in his sandy colored hair.  I mentally beg him to not give up on me.  As if he can read my mind he presses forward giving me a light kiss that is so full of promise. 

     The tingle is still there after all this time.  It still makes my knees go week.  His fingers start to move gathering the hem of my shirt.  When he gathers a handful he breaks our kiss just long enough to whip the shirt off over my head.  I turn to face him, jumping up into his arms.  He catches me with ease, gripping my ass.  Our kisses turn primal. 

     Jake walks us over to the bed and throws me down as he pulls his shirt off and pushes his pants down in a matter of seconds.  My heart races at the site of the Adonis in front of me.  He has perfectly sculpted wide shoulders, washboard abs you can’t help but reach out and touch to see if they are real, the tapered waist with the V that dips under the waist of his boxer briefs.  The V, the ultimate guide to what lay beneath, as if I need the road map, I instinctively am drawn to him.  The promise of pure heaven.  I always catch myself sucking in a breath when he grabs the elastic of his briefs.  Knowing this drives me crazy he pauses, his eyes darken and his head cocks to the side.  The smirk that turns me into a puddle spreads across his face, the crooked smile which reveals his dimple.  A shiver runs through me.

     “Damn Jake, you tease too much.”

     “Do I baby?”

     I bite my lip and nod slowly.  His fingers pull the black Diesel boxer briefs down allowing his large cock to spring free making me squeeze my legs together.  I still can’t get over what this man has been blessed with. 
     “See something you like?”

     “You know I do.”  I whisper as he moves up my body kissing all of the places that send me toward the edge.  My knees, the insides of my thighs, each hip bone, belly button, the scar on my abdomen; his lips leave a trail of fire on my skin.  My nipples harden under the confines of the lace material of my bra.  I arch off the bed as his hands graze the sides of my body.  He has a magical way of reaching around me to unsnap my bra without me even realizing until it is off my body.  Hooking a leg around his waist, I push myself into his body trying desperately to relieve the ache that is so strong. 

     “I know baby, let me take care of you.”

     My head falls back and I close my eyes.  Jake kisses his way up my neck to nuzzle under my ear.  Goosebumps spring up on my skin.  I’m lost in the feeling when I sense the tug on my thong.  It snaps with just a twist of his wrist.  In the blink of an eye, he has two fingers plunging into me.  Jake’s fingers move in and out rubbing that perfect spot as his mouth covers mine.  I’m so close.  The low rumble in his throat sends a rush of heat through my body.  He applies pressure to my clit.

     “Oh God, Jake, I’m coming.”  My hands grip the sheets, twisting them as I roll my hips into his hand. 

     Jake’s hands push me over the edge, clearing my mind making me forget all my woes.  When I arrive back on earth from the mind blowing orgasm, my eyes meet his.
     “I love watching you come, Elizabeth.”  His devilish smile gives him away.  He’s always thinking of how he can make me come again.

     It’s my turn though, I want him to feel just as good as I do.  Placing my hands on his chest I ease him onto his back.  I allow my hands to trace the valleys of his muscle definition.  I don’t think he could get any sexier but every day I think he is.  “I’m going to take care of you now babe.” 

     His eyes flutter shut as I grip my hand around his hard shaft, lightly squeezing as I run it up and down the length with a slight twist.  Using my other hand I grab the tie holding my hair up allowing my blond waves to fall down past my shoulders.  I shake my hair as I continue my slow stroke on his hard cock.  He loves my hair down.

     Wetting my lips I lower myself down, never breaking eye contact with him.  I love keeping his stare as I take him in my mouth.  His eyes darken to a deep royal blue.  The sharp intake of breath he sucks through clenched teeth lets me know that he loves this.  I could get off on the trance that overcomes his face when I wrap my lips around him and take his cock deep to the back of my throat.  Once I hit the limit, I try to relax to go just a bit past my comfort zone which always causes a growl to rip through his body. 

     Today he grabs a fist full of hair to hold me down as his head falls back to take in the sensation.  I slowly swirl my tongue up the underside of his length and cup his balls.  The sound of my sucking and his moans fill the room.

     “Beth, I want to come in you.  If you don’t stop now I’m going to come in your mouth.”  His voice is only a controlled whisper. 

     My eyes flash up to meet his.  The sparkle I see in them is an unspoken promise.  I’ve seen it before, I’m going to get the pounding I need tonight.  Popping the head of his cock out of my mouth, I let my tongue flick the head teasing him one last time.  It’s only a matter of seconds before he flips me onto my back flinging my legs over his shoulders and ramming into me hard and fast.  Just the way I love it.  He hits my g-spot perfectly and I’m quickly bucking with the pressure of my impending release.  I can’t help the lustful scream that rips through me. 

     “Just hold on a—Damn baby you are so fucking tight.”

     I want to buck off of him and I would if Jake didn’t have a hard grip on my hips helping him pound into me harder than I thought he could. 
     “Jake, you feel so good.” I pull and tug at my nipples to heighten the already over the top sensations going through my body. 

     He quickens his pace and I can tell he is ready.  I need to feel him against me.  Quickly shifting my legs, I wrap them around his waist and reach up to pull him into me.  His weight crashes into my body as both of our orgasms take us.  The grunting and moaning filling the room slows to a quiet hush.

     I welcome his weight on me as we come down from our high.  Jake’s face snuggles into my neck placing light, butterfly kisses intermittently and I lightly stroke his back with my nails.  My eyes remain closed as I savor the heat of our connected bodies.  I can feel his heart beating against my chest.  Tonight feels different, my stomach does a flip flop.   

     “That was—”

     “Amazing.” I finish with a smile on my face.

     This time, holding each other after our love making, this is what I enjoy the most.  Our connection.  I fell hard for Jake when I first laid eyes on him.  I won’t admit it out loud though.  I fight it with every breath I take. 

     I was deceived about love by so many people since I was a teen, I vowed to never love anyone again.  Even when I was with Broc I wasn't in love, he thought I loved him, but I dreamed of getting my hands on some of the others on campus.  I knew if I felt like that, it wasn't right.  No one was able to break through the brick walls I’d built around my heart after the heartache I’d been through.  That was until Jake.  I wanted to take it slow, but how could I not fall into bed with him after that party in Mexico.  I was a bit tipsy, he was a smooth talker.  I’m not sure either one of us thought we would see each other after the trip besides the occasional passing, since he worked for Caston.  When that night came to an end with a bang, I ended up not being able to keep my hands off of him.  Between his voice, his skilled hands, and fucking drop dead gorgeous body, I thought I died and went to heaven.  Who would have guessed that he was funny, sweet and romantic too?  So, stupidly I made up a friends with benefits rule thinking I was protecting my heart.

     That was about two years ago.  I sshouldn'tbe upset about the idea of moving to a place that we can officially call ours.  Even now I still refer to this apartment as his.  Even when he refers to it as ours, I always correct him. 

     “You’re not with me right now, are you?”  Jake shifts to my side, breaking our connection.  His face falls when he looks at me.

     “I’m sorry,” I turn to face him.  “Just a lot going through my head.”

     He slides his arms around me and kisses my forehead before resting his against mine.  “You can talk to me about it.”

     Closing my eyes I take a deep breath.  I can’t talk to you when my thoughts are about us. “Just hold me.  That’s all I ask.”

     Reaching down to grab the blanket, he covers us. Pulling my body closer to him again.  “You don’t ever have to ask me to do that.  I love you Beth.”

     And there it was.  (Just three little words.) I still can’t bring myself to say it back to him.  He’s never questioned my reluctance to say it back.  I choke back tears by snuggling deeper into his body.  Even though it’s dinner time I drift off to sleep in the arms of the man I can’t admit I love.  


What did you think?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Leave a comment below.  

Tune in for the next chapter, February 3rd!

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Author Hop!

Fun, exciting author hop going on this week on Facebook! Watch for this picture with more information starting Monday!

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#TBT ~ Have I Told You

Let's throw back today to my first book, Have I Told You.  The one that started it all.  The one that was actually started right here on the blog!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Have I Told You was born on the blog.  I posted a chapter a week for quite a few months until I got so many messages saying I should turn it into a book.  I took their advice to heart and the rest, as they say, is history.  

How about a teaser from Have I Told You?

“Mr. Black, thank you so much for coming to our Winter Gala. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the performance this year. We have an amazing senior class. The senior dancers this year are especially good,” Joe, the head of the Arts Department at State, says as he greeted me tonight.

“The pleasure is mine, Joe. You know how much I care about the arts.”

I turned to walk over to the bar, leaving Joe behind. The mingling at these galas got on my nerves, and I needed a drink. The bartender slid my drink to me, and I sat back on the stool to scan the crowd for potential sweethearts. Work never ended.

I saw a couple girls giggling across the room. I nodded at them as I took a drink. One was a dark eyed, exotic beauty, and the other was a pale, stick thin blond. They were both students. If there was anything I learned from coming to these galas for years was the students were easy to spot.

There were two types here, and those two girls each fell into a category. Over confident, sexy as hell, and will do anything to advance themselves was one category. The other was the non-confident. No confidence was a total turn off for me. It meant you did not believe in yourself. You had no fight. I was not going to remake someone. They have to have the drive to begin with.

I got the biggest kick out of seeing these girls squirm when I winked at them. I wondered what they were wearing under those dresses. Taking the last sip of my drink, I set the glass on the bar. Never braking eye contact with them, I made my way through the crowd.

“Evening, ladies. How is everyone tonight?” I asked, stepping between them, delivering my panty dropping smile, and touching the smalls of their backs. The small touch gives me the ability to see how a woman will react to me. Just that little contact tells me if they are open, confident, and if they take care of themselves. I need that control.

The two girls looked at each other, giggled, and smiled goofily back at me. I lightly thumbed their backs. My exotic dark eyed beauty was perfectly muscular. Her friend felt like a skeleton, which made me withdraw my hand quickly. I did not like boney. I wanted a healthy girl with a figure to kill for.

“I’m Lana, this is Kristy,” my dark eyed beauty said. She tentatively continued, “You’re Caston Black, aren’t you?”

I smirked, “Yes, I am Caston Black. Are you ladies in the show tonight?”

“Kristy is.” Lana said, pushing her friend toward me. The girl stumbled, and I caught her before she hit the ground.

She whimpered when I asked, “Are you okay? I don’t want Professor Lee to lose a dancer because of me.”

“Oh, I’m okay, Mr. Black,” Kristy said shyly, not making eye contact. No confidence, just as I suspected.

The lights blinked, and I looked up at the ceiling. Fifteen minutes to curtain call. Smiling, I looked back at the girls. “Ladies, looks like I must get to my seat. Kristy, break a leg. Lana, maybe I will catch you at the after party tonight?” I reached for their hands and brought them up to my lips, kissing them gently.

I saw their legs buckle, as I turned to walk away, and I laughed to myself. Seeing my brother and his wife across the room, I gave a quick wave. Jon was five years older than me and had dirty blond hair like Mother. When I reached them, Jon slapped me on the back. “Cass, you’re going to have to stop making girls swoon. I swear that one was ready to suck your dick in the middle of this crowd.”

“Really, Jon? We’re in public,” Sara said. “Caston, sweetheart, how are you tonight? Thank you for the invite. It’s so nice to get away from the kids. A night to ourselves – what will we do?”

“I can think of a few things.” I teased, pulling her in for a hug and a quick peck on the cheek.
She playfully slapped my chest. Sara was a beauty inside and out. Too good for my brother. She was tall, had dark wavy hair, and a beautiful genuine smile. She is an amazing mother to my niece and nephew. My heart still aches for her when I think about our past.

“Is that all you two think about?” she teased.

“Yup,” Jon and I said in unison.

I offered Sara my arm. “As if you can talk, my dear. I bet you can’t wait till this is over with, either.”

“You know me too well, Cass.” She kissed my cheek, then we turned to walk into the theater with Jon following behind us.

Each seat had a beautifully printed program tied with a large satin bow. Sitting down, we made small talk about the club and Black Hollywood until the lights went out.

The first half was opera singers. I tried hard to stay awake. Work had been crazy, and I had been up for over thirty-six hours. Getting a jab in the ribs, just as my eyes started to close, woke me. Shaking myself awake, I opened up the program to read about the next section. I turned to the back. The dance portion of tonight’s performance.

That’s when I saw her. Her big hazel eyes, her long, wavy brown hair falling over her shoulders, cascading down her back, her pale, creamy skin. Her picture spoke to me. I felt as though her eyes were pulling me to her, and her lips looked delectable. She was my next Hollywood Sweetheart. I could not wait to see her dance. Touching the picture, a shiver went down my spine.

The music suddenly changed. I looked up. She didn't have the typical ballet dancer body. The long muscular legs traveled up to a beautiful ass. The hourglass figure was pure perfection, curves in all the right places. Healthy, not like the stick figure I had seen earlier. Most importantly she had perfect perky breasts. The cleavage poking above her costume made my mouth salivate. Brunette hair, pulled into a tight bun on her head, showed off her long neck. She was absolutely perfect. My cock twitched, I had to meet her.

Once her face looked out into the crowd, I felt her eyes boring into my soul. I could picture her magazine spread already… Her naked, except for her pointe shoes, shot from the back, highlighting her muscles perfectly with light and shadows. I would also love to do a private picture with her, too. Bound on pointe with her ass in the air. My cock was straining in my tux pants, needing to be released.

I quickly took out my phone and typed in Sabrina Bennett, next BHS.

The images in my head were making it unbearably hard to sit still. I quickly looked around to see if I could find Lana, thinking it was probably impossible in the large crowd. Sure enough, I found her staring at me four rows back, biting her lip in contemplation of what she wanted me to do to her, no doubt. She was nothing compared to Sabrina, but she would do for tonight.

I excused myself to Sara and Jon. As I stood up I caught Lana’s eye, and nodded toward the door, indicating for her to follow me. Reaching the lobby, Lana was on my heels. I walked toward the men’s restroom, and held the door open for her. Locking the door behind me, I turned around to see her already on her knees in front of me, ready and willing to suck me off. As she reached for my zipper, all I could picture was the Sabrina girl’s face. Letting my head fall back onto the door, I closed my eyes and tried to keep going, but Lana was not Sabrina. I could not do this; I tucked myself back into my pants and quickly exited the building. I had to meet my sweetheart, soon.


Want to read more?  Grab your copy here:
Have I Told You 
FL Jacob 

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Enjoy the other books in the series:

I Won't Give Up on You and A Very Merry Black Hollywood Christmas

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#TeaserTuesday ~ Give Me All of You

It's Tuesday........  (Yes, I totally did that in a sing song voice)

You know what that means?  You get a sneak peak of Give Me All of You.  This week is not a scheduled chapter release, but I will give you a picture teaser from later on in the book!


Sigh, Jake is amazing.  He's alpha, patient, kind....  AND so much more!  I can't wait for you to meet him.

Did you miss Chapter 1 of Give Me All of You?  Read it here to get ready for next week's release of chapter 2!  

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Cover Reveal & Blog Tour Sign Ups for Give Me All of You


Cover Reveal & Blog Tour Sign Ups for Give Me All of You NOW!

Cover Reveal 

Title: Give Me All of You 
Author: FL Jacob
Date: Feb 5
Genre: Contemporary

Blog Tour 

Title: Give Me All of You

Author: FL Jacob 

Date: March 23-29

Genre: Contemporary

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Experience the Emotions

Check out the Black Hollywood Series now before the next book comes out.  

Find out what all the hype is about!

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Have I Told You:
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I Won't Give Up on You:
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ADD Give Me All of You to you TBR for 2015!

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Freezing Thursday!

This explains today in a nutshell.  The kids are off of school today because of the cold.  How cold you ask?  Right now it is -9 with a "feels like" temperature of -28.  (I know there are places that are colder, but for us that is FREEZING.)  My hands froze to the snow brush and my dogs screamed because their paws were so cold. 

So, anyways, I'm here at work about to start the day.  I have my little heater on and my super warm fleece on from work.  

Have I told you how much I love all my reader and supporters lately?  NO?

Let's have a contest, right here on the blog...

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I'll chose someone tomorrow morning to win their choice of a signed paperback from my 3 books!

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How to stay warm in the cold weather...

Did you enjoy chapter 1 of Give Me All of You? 

Today I'm hunkered down between work and home because it is cold and snowy here. Tomorrow is looking worse weather wise. Burrrrrr. 

Don't forget to check out my other books!  They are a great way to keep you warm on a cold day.

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#TeaserTuesday - Chapter 1 - Give Me All of You - Beth and Jake's Story

Give Me All of You
Black Hollywood Series, Book 3
Beth & Jake's Story

COMING March 2015
Add it to your goodreads TBR list NOW!…/show/22513847-give-me-all-of-you

Every other Tuesday starting January 5th I will release a chapter to my upcoming book, Give Me All of You, until it releases in March!  So stay tuned!  

So, without further ado....  
*Chapter is unedited and subject to change prior to publication.  Copyright 2015 by FL Jacob*

Chapter 1

The key clicks the lock open on my simple two bedroom apartment.  It’s a simple place.  I’m not a fancy guy.  Closing the door behind me with my foot, I go through the mail, placing Beth’s stuff in her basket, and proceed to open mine as I walk into the main room that encompasses the living and dining room.  Bills, always bills, who said adulthood was fun?  I throw the paperwork down on the table and walk through the small archway into the apartment sized kitchen.  Grabbing the handle of the 1970’s colored refrigerator I pull it open causing all the bottles on the door to clink with the motion.  I reach in and grab a cold one, twisting the top off I throw the cap in the trash as I walk back out into the living room. 
     I manage to undo and remove my tie as I absentmindedly make my way to the couch.  Plopping down on the brown leather, the material squeaks under my weight.  Reaching my hand over the side I pull the lever popping the recliner out and take a pull of my beer.  The cold liquid slides down my throat.  I close my eyes and soak in the silence.  Today was extremely busy and loud, very loud.  I’m just happy that I could come home and put my feet up at a decent time.  I kick my shoes off letting them fall to the floor with a loud echo. 

     I’m American but grew up in Australia.  My accent is still pretty thick when I’m tired, in a hurry, or horny.  I admit, I was brought up an innocent Catholic boy.  Church every Sunday, never in trouble, listened to my parents.  I was na├»ve and clueless once I got to high school, I got my ass kicked.  Seriously, every damn day.  I was a scrawny twig with a comb over and braces.  What did I do?  Nothing.  I made friends and joined the chess team.  Oh go ahead and laugh, Yes I was a nerd.  That was my life until junior year.  The only thing that fit into my AP classes was athletic gym and surprisingly I found comfort in the weight room.  Being able to get out some aggression that I didn’t even know I hid.  Having something to turn to that wasn’t academic was a breath of fresh air. 

     Eventually, the braces came off, my hair grew out and, most importantly, I filled out.  The coach saw something in me and took me under his wing.  Senior year was the best, he encouraged me to join the football team and I really came into my own.  It was a natural fit and I found it funny how many new people started to pay attention to me when I filled out with muscles and joined the team.  I tentatively made new friends, but stayed true to the people that were my friends when I was getting my ass handed to me.  Those were true friends.

     Senior year was also when I met the beautiful Katie Jane.  Katie and I were together until summer.  She stayed in town for college and I went away.  Katie didn’t want me to go, she begged me to stay.  I needed to get away, though.  I felt trapped.  I tried to convince her we could make it work.  Long distance relationships can make the heart grow fonder, but she didn’t even want to try.  She took my heart out that day and stomped it into a hundred pieces.

     I’ll admit it took me a while to get over her.  The guys on my college team told me I needed to get over her and get laid.  They said that I was too depressing.  I shrugged it off and spent my time in the gym while they were partying. 

     I’m not saying I never partied.  Oh no, I could get fucked up with the rest of them and I was not opposed to the occasional one night stand.  I liked sex, a lot.  I was a handful in bed and, fuck, I never had any complaints, but even though the women never complained and I got my rocks off, there was always something missing, that connection that you want to feel when you are with someone you really care about.  I had that connection with Katie and all these floozies just didn’t stand up to her.        No one filled that void in my heart.

    After college, I went home and heard that Katie got married.  I was truly happy for her but my soul was crushed.  I swore we were soul mates.  Since our town was so small I would run into her almost every day.  I was beginning to feel suffocated.  I needed something new; a few of my college team mates were flying to the United States.  Some for pleasure, a few to continue schooling, and I figured I would go to see what the US had to offer me, after all I was actually American. 

     After a few months of playing around and seeing the sites my money started to run low.  I decided to get a job and stay.  Being a regular at a small dive bar in town, the owner took pity on me and hired me as security guard for Friday and Saturday nights.  He said he could use the muscle and it kept me busy as well as put a few bucks in my pocket.

     Living with a buddy, Steve, we embraced the life of bachelors.  Parties, girls, sex, and the ultimate bachelor pad.  Then Steve found Angela.  She moved in and everything changed.  I knew my time with Steve was coming to an end.   He went off and got engaged and I needed to find my own place.  It was the first time since coming to the United States that I truly missed Katie. 

     I thought maybe it was time to head back down under, but I was in the right place at the right time and an apartment opened up that was too good to pass up.  I knew I didn’t want another roommate so I needed to grow up and find a real job.  As my luck would have it, a job, just like the apartment, seemed to just fall into my lap.

     One night there was a small fight at the bar that I had to break up.  Nothing big that I couldn’t handle.  I’ve seen worse.  Just two guys going at it.  I couldn’t believe the way this dude was wailing on the unsuspecting guy though.  When I finally broke them up I pinned the antagonist arm behind his back and manhandled him out the door with his girl hot on our heels pleading with me to let him go.  Once outside I shoved him away from me to prep myself if he decided to turn around and come back at me.  Unlike anyone else he just shook it off and gathered his girl in his arms apologizing to her.  I told them they weren’t welcome back and turned to walk to the building but stopped dead in my tracks.  It’s not every day you see a blacked out Jeep come to a screeching halt in front of this bar.  Considering the neighborhood we were in I figured it was a drive-by.  Reacting immediately I screamed for the couple I was just escorting out to get down.   A huge, dark, brooding man ran out, shoving me to the side to collect the patrons I was just about to risk my life for and ushered them into the vehicle.  Dumbfounded I stared at the vehicle trying to figure out what the fuck just happened.  When the man returned holding out a card to me, I grabbed it without looking.  His expression non-existent, he said, “Mr. Black would like to apologize for his behavior and he requests a meeting with you tomorrow at noon.” 

     Speechless I tucked the card into my pocket and nodded. 

     The next day, I had no idea where I was going.  The card was white with an embossed simple black text.  It only had an address on it.  No name, no phone number.  If I wasn’t so curious, I would have said fuck it and threw it into the trash. 

     I climbed into my truck about a quarter after eleven the next day so I wouldn’t be late, I knew the area of the address but not the exact location.  Arriving I was surprised to be pulling up at the Black Hollywood Corporate Offices.  I started scanning my brain for pictures of Caston Black.  Did I man handle the top dog of the men’s entertainment industry last night.  Feeling sick I could barely my make my feet move.  At ten minutes until noon I finally entered the building.  I felt under dressed even though I was dressed in my nicer khakis and button down shirt.  I was ushered quickly up to the fortieth floor and into Mr. Black’s office by a busty blond.  He dismissed her without a sideways glance and gestured for me to sit.  Once he was seated he repeated his apologizes for his actions the night before.  I dismissed it saying I was just doing my job to protect the patrons.  Mr. Black was no nonsense.  He told me he never saw anyone react so fast to protect.  It was then that he informed me that he had a security position open and he would like me fill it.  Was this guy for real?  Even if he wasn’t, I figured what was there to lose.  The pay would be better and at the time I thought I could still keep the bar gig as a back-up. 

     Once we left the office, the guy from the night before was standing waiting for me.  He was introduced to me as my boss, Terrance.  Caston shook my hand and smacked me on the back welcoming me to the Black Hollywood family.  The smile on my face was huge.  If the guys in college could see me now. 

     When I turned back to Terrance my smile dissipated.  He grunted and nodded his head for me to follow him.  Taking off down the hall it took me a second to catch up.  He informed me that we were heading to HR to sign all the appropriate paperwork.   Stopping short in front of a door I almost ran into his back.  His face told me he wasn’t pleased.  Terrance scanned me from head to toe.  He informed me to acquire a suit, in black, white shirts, preferably with cuff links, and plain black ties.  What is this Men in Black?  I chuckled to myself but quickly straightened up when Terrance shifted his eyes at my amusement.  Gathering the essentials from HR I started shifting through the paperwork.  She handed over an envelope filled with cash, more than I had in my bank account, and the name of a tailor.  I looked over to Terrance with a raised eyebrow.  “Mr. Black requires his employees to be dressed impeccably.  Please use this to purchase the items you will need.”

     After a few months of training and doing odd jobs, I got my first official job detail from Mr. Black.  Terrance walked me through the building showing me this and that, along with my binder of protocol, which now balances my coffee table.  Getting to the end of the corridor he stopped and opened the door to a building I’d never seen before. 

     “What’s this place?” I asked walking into the vacant, warehouse type building.

     “Your new station.  This is where you will work five nights a week.” He says as he walks ahead of me turning on the lights.  As the lights begin to illuminate the area, I know it’s not a warehouse after all.  It was some sort of club.  It had multiple levels around the exterior walls.  The middle was all open with a dance floor, DJ booth, and poles.  Yeah, that caught my eyes immediately.

     I quickly catch up to him, “Right, I get that but what is this?”

     “It’s the sex club.”

     Choking on my spit, I cough out, “Sex—What?”

     He stops mid-step and turns around to face me.  Crossing his arms across his chest he grits his teeth, “Sex club.  Mr. Black assigned you to security at the club.  Did he not tell you all of this?”

     “Well, yes, but by club I assumed it was a dance club.”

     “Well, you assumed wrong.  Is there a problem?”

     I take in my surroundings, I didn’t want to seem like a pussy, “No, sir.”

     My position in the company kept moving up.  I proved myself over and over with jobs and tasks.  When I received my orders to go to Vegas to head security detail for Caston and Sabrina, since Terrance couldn’t accompany them, I knew I was where I belonged, finally.  That trip went well and I was given the opportunity to take lead security when Terrance couldn’t be there.        

     The best day of my job was the trip I was assigned to head security for Sabrina, Sara, her soon to be sister in law, and Beth, her best friend who I hadn’t met yet.  Originally, I was upset I was being pulled from my undercover gig following Sabrina’s ex but I reluctantly agreed. 

     The morning that plane landed in Mexico and the doors opened, my heart soared in my chest.  She walked out of the door and the sun fell behind her illuminating her like an angel.   Golden hair, long toned legs, a smile that made me want to melt into a puddle.  My God, I had never seen such beauty before. 

     We were introduced and I knew I needed to have her.  Elizabeth.  Beth for short.  Her smile made my insides twist and I longed to taste her plump lips.  The first night we hooked up, I was a goner.  I fell.  Hard.  The next morning after a misunderstanding with Sabrina, Beth curled into me, looking to me for comfort and all was right with the world.  My heart was full again, the void was filled. 

     When we got back home we kept hooking up.  The talks we had, it felt like we’d known each other forever.  Even though she kept telling me that she couldn’t fall in love, I knew it was just fear.  Beth wouldn’t tell me why.  I’ve asked, God, did I ask many times, but she would change the subject.  I didn’t press her though.  She wanted to be friends with benefits, I’d wait for her no matter how long it took. 

     Before Caston and Sabrina’s wedding we thought Beth was pregnant.  I was nervous, but secretly ecstatic.  I loved Beth and even though she wouldn’t admit it, I knew she loved me.  I’d urged her to get rid of her place and just move in with me, but we fought.  She left.  I didn’t understand.  Ultimately she wasn’t.  Even though I was relieved I couldn’t help but picture her carrying my baby.  A life that we created together. 

     We were apart for about five months.  It was torture for me.  I’d see her at events that Sabrina and Caston held.  She always looked so happy but I knew it was an act.  I’d keep my eye on her and found her crying in the corner on more than one occasion.  What hurt the worst is her avoiding me when I’d find her miserable.    

     Christmas came and with it came the Black Hollywood Christmas party.  I had one goal the evening I left for the party.  Get Beth back no matter what.  We were miserable without each other.  I saw my girl grinding up on another asshole and saw red.  Fuck no.  I swept her up and worshiped her body until she submitted to me again.  She was reluctant to begin dating again, but I agreed to remain friends with benefits even though we were more in my eyes.  I’d call it whatever she wanted as long as we were together again.  She still wouldn’t call us a couple which was comical to all our friends.  The guys have ragged on me for a while to just put a ring on her finger and to stop the charade but they have no idea the demons that Beth was living with, fuck I still don’t for that matter.  

     I take the last swig of beer and set the bottle down on the table next to me.  What a crazy few years it’s been.  My life should be a book.  I scrub my hands down my face and blow out a big breath when I hear the door to this tiny place shut and keys hit the floor. 

     “Damn it, Jake, can you help me?” Her voice yells out to me.

     I jump up and jog over to her grabbing the groceries from her hands before they hit the ground.  I place a quick kiss on her lips.  It’s just so natural.

     “Why didn’t you call up?  I would have come down to help you.”  I yelled over my shoulder as I took the bags to the kitchen. 

      She takes off her coat and joins me in the cramped kitchen to put things away.  Her long blonde hair was tied up in a messy ponytail, she was dressed in her work garb from the studio; damn she looked down right fuckable.  Beth was a natural blonde with the eyes like the Caribbean Sea, and the fairest, porcelain skin I’d ever seen.  She was about five foot six inches.  I loved that when she wrapped her arms around me she was the perfect height for me to rest my chin on her head. 

     We both back up, running into each other and let out a grunt.  “Ugh, Jake, I’m so tired of moving around like this in here.”

     “Let’s move.  Someplace bigger and ours.” I shrug.  Honestly, it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, but haven’t brought it up to her. 

     Beth grabs the chips out of my hand a little rough and shoves them in the cupboard.  “Not ours, yours and let’s be realistic, that can’t happen.”

     She continues to put things away with loud bangs and slams.  I cringe with every sound. 

     “Why not?”

     Turning to face me, her hands fall to her sides and she opens her mouth but nothing comes out.  She takes a deep breath, shakes her head and walks out of the kitchen to our room slamming the door behind her. 

      I brace myself on the counter.  When will she realize I’m not like the rest?  


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