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#TeaserTuesday ~ Give Me All of You

It's Tuesday!  Another week closer to the release of Give Me All of You!

You know what that means?  You get a sneak peak.  This week is not a scheduled chapter release, but I will give you a picture teaser from later on in the book!


Here's a little snippet of later on in the book:

(Unedited, subject to change, copyrighted 2015 FL Jacob)

“What’s that look for?” she asks as her fingers stroke my back lightly, her heels still resting on my ass. 

“I just can’t believe how perfectly beautiful you are.”

She tisks and shakes her head.  “I’m a sweaty, gross mess.”

“I see the woman I love.”

Beth blushes, “I love you too, Jake”


Did you miss Chapter 1Chapter 2, Chapter 3, & Chapter 4?  Read them now to get ready for next week, Chapter 5!

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#TeaserTuesday ~ Chapter 4 ~ Give Me All of You

Give Me All of You
Black Hollywood Series, Book 3
Beth & Jake's Story

COMING March 16, 2015
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Every other Tuesday starting January 5th I will release a chapter to my upcoming book, Give Me All of You, until it releases in March!  So stay tuned!  

Don't miss Chapters 1, 2, & 3?  
Chapter 1 
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

So, without further ado....  
*Chapter is unedited and subject to change prior to publication.  Copyright 2015 by FL Jacob*

Chapter 4

I stretch out in bed and realize the spot next to me that Beth should be in is ice cold.  Sitting straight up in bed, it takes a minute for my eyes to adjust.  I look around, trying to listen for the shower or any indication that she’s in the apartment still.  Nothing. Shit!  I fall back onto my back and run my hands through my hair and yell out in frustration.  The pit in my stomach churns making me want to run to the bathroom.  Throwing the covers off of me I walk out into the living room.  She’s not in here either and her purse isn't on the table where she left it last night.  Fuck!  I punch the wall next to me sending my hand through the thin plaster. 

It takes a few moments for the throbbing pain to register in my hand but its faint compared to the hurt in my heart right now.  I see my cell on the table next to the couch from the night before.  As if on cue it lights up with a message. 

Brother issues.  Sorry.  Didn't want to wake you.

Well, at least I knew where she was.  Maybe I did jump to conclusions too fast, but with her past how could I not.  Somehow her explanation didn't make me feel any better.  Needing to hear her voice to confirm my suspicions one way or another, I dial her.  This isn't a conversation to have over texting.  The phone rings and rings, going right to voice mail.  Damn it!  She just fucking texted me.  I know she has her phone by her.  My suspicions are confirmed.  She is avoiding me for some reason.

“Beth, baby, please call me.”  I hang up and quickly get ready for work.  I had a feeling it was going to be a long, mentally exhausting day.  Half hour later I’m pulling up in front of Caston and Sabrina’s house to pick up Bre for a few appointments. 

Walking in the door I’m hit with the smell of breakfast and my stomach growls reminding me that I neglected to eat anything this morning.  Making my way to the kitchen I see Jules hard at work at the stove.  “Hey, Jules, what’s cookin’?” placing a kiss on her cheek.  She is like a mom to all the security guards, always making sure we are fed or have snacks during our daily duties.
She turns wiping her hands in her apron.  “Jake, good morning dear.  Omelets.  Can I whip you up one?”

Not knowing exactly my schedule for the day yet, I shake my head. 

“Okay dear, just let me know if you do.  Is everything alright?”  She places a hand on my forehead and then touches my cheek.  Her eyes are full of concern.

“Do I look that bad?” I chuckle. 

She turns back to flip contents in the pan.  “Only time I saw worse was when Sabrina left Mr. Black.”

Damn, she hit the nail on the head.  “Jules you are wiser than you take credit for.  I’ll let you know on that omelet.”  I pat her shoulder and make my way to the dining room. 

Sabrina is sitting by the table eating her cereal while baby Brianna is babbling in the high chair next to her.  She’s got smashed up banana spread all over the tray and in her hair. 

I let out a laugh at the sight.  “Look at that little princess.  I heard banana is good for the skin.” She sees me and lets out a shriek of laughter.  Brianna’s babbling makes me smile.  I walk over to her and steal a banana slice off her tray that she hasn't demolished yet.  I exaggerate my actions and make a noise when I place the tiny piece in my mouth sending her into another fit of giggles.

“Hey Jake, I didn't hear you come in this morning.”  Bre looks up from the book in front of her.  Her smile falls when she lays eyes on me.

“Just got here, Ma’am, I’m sorry I’m late.”

“Jake, how many freaking times do I have to tell you not to call me that.  You’re dating my best friend for fuck’s sake.  Plus, what the heck is wrong with you.  No offense, but you look like death warmed up.”

I tug at my tie that suddenly feels like it is cutting off my circulation and try to swallow. 

“What the hell happened this time?  What did she do now?”

Moving closer to the table, I sink into the seat across from Bre.  I feel like a gigantic pussy right now.  Beth didn't say she left me, just my gut feeling.  She just left, in the middle of the night, after a fight, and then didn't answer my phone call.  Taking a deep breath I start telling her about what happened last night.

What did you think?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Leave a comment below.  

Tune in for a new picture teaser next Tuesday, February 25th 
Chapter 5, March 2nd!

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My review of the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Love it or hate it, Fifty Shades of Grey sparked the reading bug in a ton of women.  Authors around the world should be thanking EL James.  Without these books I wouldn't have found so many like-minded women who have become dear friends over the last few years.  The books have also introduced me to a whole new genre of books and indie authors around the world.  For that I am thankful.

Like most others that LOVED the books, I was eagerly anticipating the release of the Fifty Shades Movie.  I knew it would be different.  There isn't a book to movie portrayal that is exactly like the book.  If that were the case the movie would be days and days long, and as much as I would prefer that Hollywood is not going to want to pay for that.  So, we take what we can get.

I remember sitting anxiously waiting to hear who was cast.  I, of course, had my own "Christian" picked out...  I was on #TeamIan

I mean, come on, if he doesn't make your panties melt off...  Well, you and I just can't be friends.  (Just kidding, well maybe.  ;) )  

As far as who I wanted to play Ana, I had no clue.  I will be honest, when I read the book I didn't "picture" an Ana, I just put myself in that place.  As far as who played the rest of the characters, I didn't really seem to care about them either.  

The only thing I was concerned about was that the movie portrayed the love story that the books were about, not the BDSM, not the billionaire, not the virgin college student.  Above all the books were about LOVE.  

Then the announcement was made...  Charlie Hunnam will play Christian Grey. 

What?!?  I admit, I never saw an episode of Sons of Anarchy...  I didn't know who Charlie was.  So I had to look up his picture.  The exact words that came out of my mouth were...  What the fuck!  So I was on the upset with this decision.  

Then....  Ana was announced....  Dakota Johnson.  

WHO?  I immediately had to look her up...  SHE'S BLONDE!  I was so over the top pissed off at the casting, I swore off the movie.  The books would be better anyways.  No harm, no foul.  

Then the shocking announcement that Charlie quit.  Whoa!  Who would do that?  I mean really!  Okay, faith has returned, a little, as we waited to see who would replace him.  

Then that announcement:  Jaime Dornan....

Once again, no clue who he was, but I could "see" it!  My faith was slightly restored.  Then I watched a few clips of him.  Okay, I changed my position on the movie...  I will see it, but on video in my house.  Not wasting my time or money on the movie when I am not happy with the actors.  

Then we waited....  MONTHS...  no filming started, I wondered if this was even going to take place.  Teasers were made, pictures were taken...  

Still, could not picture her as Ana.  It really ticked me off.  I wanted to have that feeling that I was going to love this movie!  

Then production started and we got shots of filming...

Really?!?  Ana looks like a bum.  I was mad.  Of course, I'm no one so who cares.  LOL.  So I once again swore off the movie.

BUT...  the trailers were released...  

and another....  

Post by Fifty Shades of Grey.

I started to get excited.  I was beginning to come around.  

My hubby asked if I wanted to see it.  I played it off that I would wait until it came out but I really did want to see it on the big screen, but being an anxious person, going to the movies is pretty scary...  Going to the movies when the theater is packed, down right terrifying.  So, the mention of seeing the movie actually on Valentine's Day.  Hold up...  seriously?  

Sucking up my fear, I went to fandango and bought our tickets.  If we paid for them in advance, it was less likely I'd back out.  

The week of the premiere...  the hype!  Holy mother!  Thank GOD I didn't have anything planned for my books around this week because it would certainly get lost in the Fifty Shades posts.  (So sorry for all those authors that did.)  

I tortured myself, I watched all the interviews with Dakota and Jaime.  Up until that point she was still not my favorite, but he had grown on me, then watching the interviews...  you could tell there was tension.  You could see that they didn't care for each other.  He really rubbed me the wrong way saying he wasn't going to watch the movie, saying he didn't care for seeing his bum on the screen.  I almost felt as though he thought he was better than everyone or that he was extremely embarrassed to be a part of the movie  Are.You.Serious.  

Dakota on the other had really made me giggle and feel warm during her interviews.  She was starting to crack my hard feelings toward her.

Then the premiere...  I watched as so many bloggers that I've worked with got to be part of the crazy #FiftyShadesFirst event in New York.  I was insanely jealous.  I couldn't wait.  

Post by Fifty Shades of Grey.

Reviews started coming in.  Good and bad.  I don't really listen to bad reviews.  Normally, they just piss me off.  So you can imagine these bad reviews would do the same.  To my surprise everyone said, whether they liked the movie or not, that Dakota made the movie.  My giddy self continued watching the interviews and anything I could get my hands on until I could see it myself.  

Post by Fifty Shades of Grey.

Valentine's Day finally arrived.  I'd be meeting Christian Grey in less than twelve hours.  What happens but a blizzard.  Oh my God, no!  I have to see this movie.  Did we go?  Hell yes.  LOL.  I was terrified but thankfully, I wasn't driving and kept my head down in my phone so I couldn't see what we were driving in.  On the positive side, the theater wasn't packed!  Now I won't get into spoilers with the movie, but I will say this... 

  • Is it like the book?  For the most part yes.  
  • Did I want more?  Of course.
  • Did it capture the overall feeling of love?  On Ana's side, yes.
  • Did I think somethings could have been done differently?  Of course.  There were little details in the book that could have been done in the movie.  *Spoiler* Ana's shirt that Taylor gets her is white in the movie, it is blue in the book and they made a big deal about it being blue in the book.  Simple thing that could have stayed the same.
  • Were there parts of the movie I liked better than the book?  Yes, actually the negotiation of the contract was ten times better in the movie.  Even made it funny.  Which I think was genius because that part in the book is so uptight and tense.  
  • Did my feelings change on the characters?  I absolutely LOVE Dakota.  She was amazing and she did in fact make the film.  She has my support.  Jaime, as much as I loved the film, he just didn't pull me in.  Now I know that Christian in the first book was like that so I'm praying that is why.  I'm hoping he just played the character so well that it left me with that feeling.
  • Will I see the next one?  You bet your ass I will!  I wish it was out now.  Having to wait a year is going to kill me.  If you know how the book ends the movie ends the same so talk about MAJOR cliffhanger.  

So, overall, I give it 4.5 stars!  I loved it.  I want to see it again and again.  I will be buying the blue ray when it comes out, you can bet your ass on it.  I had a major movie hangover yesterday because of it, just like I did when I read the book.  

I'm praying the next movie will rock because Darker, is my favorite of the three books.  

With that said....  Is it 2016 yet?

*Please note, these are my opinions.  Any comments that are not respectful will be deleted.*

PS: No idea why some of the videos are showing up and some aren't!  Please click on the "Post" word to take you to the video.

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#TeaserTuesday ~ Give Me All of You

It's Tuesday!  Another week closer to the release of Give Me All of You!

You know what that means?  You get a sneak peak.  This week is not a scheduled chapter release, but I will give you a picture teaser from later on in the book!


Jake is definitely skilled...  ;)  

Did you miss Chapter 1Chapter 2, & Chapter 3?  Read them now to get ready for next week, Chapter 4!

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Cover Reveal - Give Me All of You

Beth Emmons would not allow herself fall in
love.  She’d been burned in the worst way
possible, leaving her with a secret that made her the black sheep of the

Jake Martin wasn’t looking for love.  After his ‘true love’ married another, he
kept to himself and lived the life of a bachelor. 

When their paths crossed in Mexico, they
couldn’t get enough of each other.  Beth
kept to her ‘friends with benefits’ plan, while Jake wanted more.  A pregnancy scare caused Beth to run from Jake.  Jake gave Beth the space she needed even if
it was going to kill him. Christmas at the Black Hollywood Club reunited them
and made them stronger. 

Now, the family Beth wanted to forget pops back
into her life needing her full attention.
All the while, Beth’s secret is busting at the seams causing her to once
again distance herself from Jake.  Jake
decides enough is enough and vows to fight for the love of his life, his real
true love.

Will Beth be able to give herself to
Jake?  Can Jake’s love give Beth the
strength she needs, or will her secrets cause them to fall apart again, leaving
them shattered . . . unable to pick up the pieces.

*Give Me All of You is book 3 is the Black
Hollywood Series.  It can be read as a

I am a mommy of two, wife to an amazing man, and full time employee. Life is crazy and busy! I started writing again during a darker time in my life in a group write in a Facebook group. They brought back my passion for writing that I haven’t felt since high school and helped me through hard times. 

Starting this process was tedious and nerve-wracking, but my amazing ladies and my fabulous husband have inspired me to take my love for writing to the next step.

My current books are Have I Told You, I Won't Give Up on You, A Very Merry Black Hollywood Christmas, all part of the Black Hollywood Series. Coming Soon will be Give Me All of You, book 3 in the BH Series. 

Coming later 2015, One in a Million. New Characters, New story, Standalone! More information coming soon.

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#TeaserTuesday - Chapter 3 - Give Me All of You - Jake & Beth's Story

Give Me All of You
Black Hollywood Series, Book 3
Beth & Jake's Story

COMING March 2015
Add it to your goodreads TBR list NOW!…/show/22513847-give-me-all-of-you

Every other Tuesday starting January 5th I will release a chapter to my upcoming book, Give Me All of You, until it releases in March!  So stay tuned!  

Did you miss Chapter 1 & 2?  
Chapter 1 
Chapter 2

So, without further ado....  
*Chapter is unedited and subject to change prior to publication.  Copyright 2015 by FL Jacob*

Chapter 3

I startle awake.  My breath is heavy and I’m in a cold sweat.  That damn dream again.  The baby screaming, arms flailing, reaching out to me.  I can’t take it. 

Looking next to me, Jake shifts and turns away from me falling back into his easy sleep pattern.  I feel the pang in my chest.  I've kept my secret from him this long.  I didn't let it get this far without telling him.  I truly didn't.  It just happened.  He will never forgive me if I tell him now.  I wouldn't if he sprung something on me like this.  Can I blame him?  Can I risk losing him?  He’s gotten too attached—Fuck, who am I kidding, I’ve gotten too attached to him.  Why did I let it get this far?  I cradle my head in my hands as the first pangs of a migraine from my spinning thoughts ring through my head.

Sliding out of the bed I grab Jake’s shirt from the floor.  I make my way out the door heading to the cramped living area.  It would be nice to get a bigger place.  I push my arms through his undershirt as I pass the table where I had set my purse on the way to get a drink of water and some aspirin.  I hear the unmistakable buzz coming from it.  I pull it out and look at the screen.

Sis- I need you to come get me.

Sighing, I slide into the chair at the table and run my hand into my hair.  What has he gotten into now?

Where are you?

I set my phone down and walk back into the room quietly to grab clothes so I can go get him.  Checking the clock it shines one in the morning.  Damn, a school night too.  Since my parents divorced my dad has been non-existent in our lives and my mom blames us, well mostly me, for the split so Maxx has grown up without any real guidance.

Making my way to my car I slide in to the cold leather seat and pull out on the darkened street.  The thoughts of the night Maxx was born will haunt me forever.

Pulling up outside an all too familiar house in town, I unlock the doors and wait for Maxx.  It doesn't take long before he unlocks his mouth from some skank he is playing tonsil hockey with and gets into my car. 

He looks so much like me, blonde hair with crystal blue eyes.  A real lady killer, already, damn I’m in trouble with him.  He leans over and kisses my cheek.  “Hey, sis.  Thanks for picking me up.”

I could get drunk off the fumes coming off him.  Looking over at him, he has the biggest grin on his face.  Maxx always looked up to me.  He was thirteen years younger than me.  “You know I told you to call me anytime.  I want you to always be safe.”  A small smile graces my face as I touch his cheek. 

“I can’t believe the Miller’s are still hosting parties for their kids like this.” I say as I pull out onto the street heading toward my apartment.  The Miller’s have a ton of kids ranging from twenty seven to twelve.  That’s crazy to me.  I’m lost in thought of them being grandparents and still have kids in high school, because they chose too. 

“Beth, you should have seen it tonight, it was…”

“Mister, I don’t want to hear it.  I was young once remember.  Been there done that, and I think you are too young for it.” I scold.

Out of the corner of my eye I see him shrug and turn to stare out the window.   Ugh, he can’t make the same mistakes I did.  Placing a hand on his knee, I say softly, “Maxx, I’m just worried, I don’t want anything to happen.”

“Yes, mom.” He mocks rolling his eyes.

I gasp at the words.  Even though he is sarcastic, it makes me withdraw my hand immediately.  I stiffly set it back on the steering wheel and we fall into an eerie silence.
He breaks his silence when I turn to head toward mom’s house, “Beth, please don’t take me home.  Can’t I live with you?  You acknowledge my existence, she doesn't.  I might as well live on my own.”

My heart aches again and I bite the inside of my cheek.  Has the time finally come?  I guess this is as good of a reason as any to let go of Jake.  Maybe it would do us good to be apart for a while.  Rolling my head on my shoulders I try not to cry.  One love for another.

Pulling myself together, I nod, “Okay, I’ll take you with me tonight and I’ll talk to mom in the morning.  We’ll figure this out, but if you do stay with me, no more parties on school nights.  I want you to focus on your studies.”

“I make good grades, Beth, that’s not a problem.”

“I know, but if you applied yourself you could be an A student.  You’d be a triple threat.” I nudge him with my elbow and he looks over to me intrigued. 

“How so?”

“You would be smart, an athlete, and have good looks.  Every girl will want you and every guy will hate you.”   I chuckle when he blushes and looks away.  “These are the best years of your life!  High school is amazing.  Don’t throw it away like I did.”  I snap my mouth shut and pray he doesn't ask me what I meant by that. 

Pulling up outside of my apartment is surreal.  I haven’t been here in months.  Getting out the car I join Maxx on the sidewalk and place my arm around his shoulders pulling him into my side.  I lean my head to rest on his shoulders because even though he is only thirteen he’s taller than me.  He takes after his dad.  “Just promise me something.” I mumble as we walk toward the door.

“What’s that sis?” he swings his arm around me.

“Just be careful.  You know, don’t be a fool; wrap your tool.” 

He stops in mid step and busts out laughing.  Maxx laughs so hard he falls to his knees.  Shaking my head I continue on to the door, unlock it and flip the switch to the living area, leaving the door open behind me for him when he pulls himself together.

The place is musty from being closed up for so long.  I set my purse down on the kitchen counter and open the fridge to see it empty.  Moving over to the sink I fill a glass with water, plop in a few ice cubes from the freezer and make my way back out into the living room.  Maxx finally walks into the room closing the door behind him. 

“Sorry sis, that was just… I am, well I would, if I was, but I haven’t.”

I silently thank God and hand him the glass.  “Go to bed, but grab some Advil on the way from the bathroom.”

He nodded and started for the hall.  Stopping mid step he jogs back to me and plops a kiss on my cheek, “Hey sis, thanks.”

I waited until I heard his door shut before I fell onto the couch with tears falling down my face.  How am I going to do this?


What did you think?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Leave a comment below.  

Tune in for the next chapter, February 17th!