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I promised a teaser on my Facebook page today if I got 10 comments saying they wanted it...  Guess what?  You guys did it!  So here we go!
****REMINDER, content is mine.  Please do not use it without permission.  Teaser below is NOT edited and is subject to change before the final book is released!  ENJOY!!!!

(To give it more feeling, start this song and read while listening to it.)
I Won't Give Up on You
*Mark's POV*
The room is full of steam. I can see her resting her head back on a bath pillow. Bubbles threaten to spill over the top of the tub. Jasmine wafts through the air.
“About time you brought my wine.” She doesn’t even open her eyes when she holds out her hand for me to place the glass in.
“Once I finish this job for you, I’m done.”
I place the glass in her hand and turn to leave the room as I hear her shift making water slosh over the side. I can only assume she is sitting up but I don’t look behind me to find out. I won’t give her an inkling that I’m afraid of her. She would feed off of it and hold it against me.
This is my house, I am not going to walk on eggshells around her. Walking into the living room I pick up the remote and turn on Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, turning it up loud. A lot louder than I normally would but I want to make a point.
This is it. Exactly as the song says. Welcome to the new age. My age, my time.
I sit on the brown leather couch and cross my leg, resting my ankle on my opposite knee. Staring at the doorway between the rooms. The doom fills me but I won’t give up. No more will anyone run me. It started with my dad, moved to my coaches, and now it’s her. I want to run my life. My soul is alive for the first time.
As the music pumps through me I suddenly see her appear.
“Turn this shit down.” Her face is hard and unrelenting.
My eyes harden. I shake my head slowly. Purposely. I’ve woken up.

She walks over to me and smacks me across the face. I don’t even flinch. I can tell she is flustered when I don’t give in to her. She backs up a few steps, almost stumbling over the coffee table.
“What the fuck is wrong with you? You respect me.”

I stare at her. I don’t speak. I hold my ground.

“Mark, kneel. NOW.”

I get up, I want to fuck with her. Walking over I stop in front of the bitch. Towering over her I look down and I see her straighten her spine. An evil smile crosses her face, but I intend to wipe it right back off.
“Kneel.” She states, but I heard that slight crack in her voice.
She is now mine. I control her. Placing my hands on her shoulders I press down. She resists at first but she finally gives up and she sinks to her knees.
Welcome to the new age.

I’m the master now.

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Black WEEK Sale
(Yes, Caston thinks it's a week devoted to him ;) )

 eBook of Have I Told You is now only 99 CENTS!!! 
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Have I Told You that Have I Told You is Live?

IT'S LIVE!!!!!!!

Amazon the US:


When it goes live on B&N I will let you all know!

Hugs and Kisses to EVERYONE!!! I love you all!

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3 Days!!!

Holy Cow... 3 DAYS!!!!
I might be a little devilish by saying
Stick around for a surprise tonight!
It's almost Halloween so I can be a little devil, right?
Stay tuned...

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Author Signing

Where are you going to be April 26, 2014?

Your answer SHOULD be Cleveland, OH at The House of Blues to see FL Jacob at the
Cleveland Author Event!!!!

 I was just added to the list of amazing authors who will be signing!

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Have I Told You Release Info

Have I Told You
Will be released
19 Days!!!
Woo Hoo!!!  Finally!!!

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We Have Our Winners......

We have our winners for the giveaway for the Have I Told You cover reveal!

Winners PLEASE message me so we can get your prize out to you ASAP! 
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Knee Deep In Edits & Rewrites

Time is ticking down getting closer and closer to release day!  I hope everyone is doing well!  Don't forget to share the cover!
The raffle for the cover reveal ends tonight and I will be drawing names tomorrow.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported me throughout this process!

Love you!

FL Jacob

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FINALLY!!!!  The official cover for Have I Told You!

I'd like to thank Digital Mitchell Event Photography & Kristine Kowalski NPC Bikini Competitor! Michael, Dawn & Rob the pictures were just amazing and beautiful. You worked with me to make my vision come to life! Kristine you are a beautiful women. Thank you for agreeing to be the model for my cover! 
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I am happy to announce I have booked my first Author Signing!!

Thank you to TurnthePage for inviting me to join the Rebel’s and Readers Author Event, November 8, 2014.  

 I will be joining a wonderful group of authors. Please see the blog for more information on how you can attend the event!

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Cover Reveal

Official cover reveal for Have I Told You will be
September 25, 2013!  
Stop by Facebook for the reveal and an awesome giveaway!

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Sabrina ~~WHAT?!?~~

Who noticed that the synopsis had the name Sabrina in it?
*Am I going crazy?  I thought her name was Aubrey?*
(What you are saying to yourself, right?)
I am here to say NO you are not crazy.  Her name WAS Aubrey, but after deliberation with the editor and beta readers Aubrey has now become Sabrina.  Her nickname will still be Bre. 
Caston & Sabrina
Coming Fall 2013

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1390 Likes Teaser

1390 Likes!!! YAY! Thank you! As promised.....

**ADULT TEASER- 18+ years and older only**

Teaser below is NOT edited and subject to change before book release.

FL Jacob
Book ? in the Black Hollywood Duology (Ohhh... now I got you salivating didn't I... )

  Rolling my hips again in his lap I hear him moan just as I get the button free and reach in to release his velvety shaft into my hand. grip tightens in my hair and he slams my mouth back into him. Rising up slightly in one swift motion I pushed my thong to the side and placed him at the entrance of my throbbing pussy.

We parted breathless, millimeters from becoming one.

“Sabrina, I’m sorry about this morning,” his voice waivered.

I knew he pushed the woman away, Sara told me when I met with her, and I understand why he got upset this morning. “Caston, shut the fuck up and…”

He slammed into me. My head fell back letting out a carnal scream. His cock sliced through me impaling me, splitting me in half. Caston’s hands reached around and palmed my ass as he continued his assault on my pussy. I lost it screaming his name as I came so hard and fast around his cock. He continued pumping into me until his own release took him over. Our mouths collided as we held each other while we came down from our erotic high.

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Top 10 with FL Jacob by I read Indie

I read Indie did a blog post with me! Top 10 with FL Jacob! Go check it out and tell them I sent you!

1000+ Likes on Facebook

We have hit 1000+ likes on Facebook!  I am beyond giddy.  Thank you so much for all your support.  To show you my love I am hosting a great giveaway!  Check it out.  It runs until this Wednesday, August 21st! 

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Teaser Time

*#*#*#* TEASER TIME *#*#*#*

Let's take a trip back to when Caston and Aubrey first met...

Have I Told You
FL Jacob
Debuting Fall 2013

**Teasers are for 18+ years of age. Please note material posted below is subject to change before publication.**

I turned the corner I ran right into the back of a man. "Oh, I'm sorry, excuse me," I said.

"No reason to be sorry," he yelled over the music, "it's so crowded in here you are hardly the first person to run into me tonight."

Looking up I was face to face with the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. He had the clearest silver blue eyes, dark black hair that was the perfect length to run your fingers through, and an angular jaw. He was tall and had great hands that were now resting on my arms. He was dressed in dark blue jeans and a white oxford with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His forearms were muscular and he had a leather cuff on his right wrist. I wanted to run my hands along his chest and through his hair. My legs felt weak looking into his eyes. The electrical current that ran through my body when he touched me sent a shiver through my body sending a pool of lust into my thong. I smiled shyly and tried to sneak past him.

"Hey, wait up," he said keeping a light hold on my elbow. He leaned down to my ear. "Can I at least know the name of the only person here who is as sober as I am?"

His breath felt cool on my hot neck and it made me shiver. I have never reacted like that to anyone. My mouth went dry as I thought about how I wanted to turn my head and kiss his delectable lips. Suddenly, I didn’t remember my own name.

"I'll go first," he said holding out his hand and giving me a smile that made me want to pass out. "I'm Caston. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Aubrey," I responded without taking his hand. "I really must go. Nice to meet you, Caston."

I quickly turned to leave before he said anything else. His smile made my insides quiver and I knew had to get out of there before Mark found me talking to another man or I did something I might regret.
See More

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Long awaited, Have I Told You, book synopsis... Enjoy!

Debuting Fall 2013

Have I Told You
FL Jacob

Caston Black has it all, according to the outside world. The owner of the best-selling gentlemen’s magazine, Black Hollywood, has good looks, fame, fortune, and a reputation that proceeds him. He can have any woman he wants, as long as he doesn’t keep them. Caston sets his sights on Sabrina for his next Hollywood Sweetheart. Little does he know he will find the woman to share his life, the one he is meant to keep forever.


Sabrina Bennett has been in a mentally and physically abusive relationship that has destroyed the beautiful, confident dancer who arrived at college three years ago. She thinks the only good thing left in her life is her abusive boyfriend. Keeping her boyfriend happy is her number one priority, no matter how impossible. She’s been broken and molded into a frightened, unsure girl desperate to be worthy of love. 


Meeting by chance one evening, sparks fly between Caston and Sabrina. Neither expected the feelings they bring out in each other. Trying to have a normal relationship in their abnormal world is almost impossible, happiness is a new way of life for the lovers. They want to move forward, but the past won’t let go. 


Can Caston help Sabrina heal from her past abuse? Can Sabrina show Caston he is as strong as he appears to be? When is the price of love too much? What do you do when the biggest threat to the person you love is you? 

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Something Extra

This is an extra special chapter celebrating 700 Facebook page likes.
It may or may not reflect actual story lines or be included in any of the Black Hollywood Series Books.
The teaser below is

 The sun was shining in between the blinds. I loved waking up to the warmth of the sun. It was even better to wake up to the warmth of my husband but he had been gone for the last month traveling for work. Reaching over to his side of the bed, I pulled his pillow into my chest and took a deep breath in, inhaling his scent. It made me feel warm and tingly all over. God, I was lonely.

 I decided I would make myself get up and find something to eat. Caston would be home tonight and I hoped I could surprise him with good news for once. We needed some after everything that had happened to us in the last year and a half.

 Sitting up, I reached my arms above my head and stretched letting the white satin sheet fall to my waist. Once my nipples hit the cold air, they pebbled and all I could think about was when Caston would take them in his warm mouth. Desire flooded my belly, and I felt the warmth of my arousal between my legs.

 Knowing I’d never get up if I took things into my own hands, I quickly stepped out of bed and reached for my phone on the side table.

 Hey Bre, only 6 hours until I see you. It’s been too long.
 Next time you are traveling with me, no arguments.
 My face split in two reading his message. I checked the time; Caston’s text was from four hours ago. My love would be home in two hours.

 I slid into my black silk robe and skipped down the stairs to the kitchen. Jules was prepping dinner for tonight. I had asked her earlier in the week to make Caston’s favorite food.

“Hello, Mrs. Black. Did you sleep well?”

I smiled. Even though Caston and I had been married for a little while now, I would never tire of hearing Mrs. Black. “Would have been better with Caston, but he is finally coming home this morning and I couldn't be happier.”

Jules handed me an apple, my breakfast of choice lately, and I walked out onto the patio into the sun. I sat on the lounge chair and took a bite before resting my head. The sun warmed my face and it brought me back to the last time I saw Caston.

 We were in France. He had a day break between his travels but not enough time to come home so I surprised him by flying out to him. The look on his face when he walked out of the penthouse elevator and saw me sitting on the dining room table with two very large black bows tied around me, one covering my breasts and one covering my pussy, was priceless. My hair was swept up into a messy updo, which let some tendrils fall to frame my face.

 He dropped his briefcase and was at my side in a matter of seconds, his mouth on mine. I think we were both on the verge of tears. We hadn't been apart that long since I left him.

“Aubrey, my God, you are the most magnificent thing I have ever seen,” he finally said when we parted, breathless.

“I couldn't wait any longer and thinking it might be another three weeks before I would see you again… I couldn't take it.”

He lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom. Laying me on the bed he stepped back and looked me over with his crystal blue eyes. The lust in them made me shiver. His approval of my attire was apparent by the bulge in his suit pants. He slowly loosened his tie and removed his shoes and socks.

 Never breaking eye contact with me, he walked to the side table and removed the items from his pockets. His eyes hooded as he slid his tie off. Instantly I knew he had wicked plans for me.

 The silence between us was thick with lust and I wanted him to just plunge into me hard and fast. Caston had other plans. He walked around so he was positioned at my head. Leaning over me, he slid his hands down my arms, sending a shiver down my spine. Caston lightly kissed my neck. I turned my head to give him more access. His fingers entwined with mine and as he nipped at my earlobe, catching me off guard, he pulled my arms above my head and quickly secured them with his tie.

 I was brought out of my day dream by the beep on my phone.

 Honey, I just landed. 30 minutes!
 I replied with a smiley face. My heart was beating so fast. I quickly ran inside.

“Jules, thirty minutes,” I said as I ran by.

 Quickly making it up the stairs, I ran into the bathroom and took the box out of the drawer in the vanity. I was no stranger to using these things, but this time I felt was different. Taking the test I was a ball of nerves. My hand was shaking and my stomach felt as though it was going to fall out. I looked at the time, five minutes. Deciding I couldn't stand there and wait I walked out into the bedroom and set the timer on my phone.

 I wanted to make Caston a dad so badly. I paced the room wringing my hands in front of me until they hurt. The timer made me jump and I walked back into the bathroom. Picking up the stick I turned it around and stared at the display.

 The small stick fell from my hands and I sunk to the floor with tears streaming down my face. I’m not sure how long I was there before Caston ran into the room and scooped me up off the floor from my fetal position.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” His face full of concern.

 I turned my face into his shoulder and a new set of tears fell from my eyes soaking his shirt.

“It’s negative.”

 “What’s negative, Bre?”

 “The test,” I looked at him in the eyes. “I’m so sorry, Caston.”

Walking me over to the bed, he sat me on his lap and smoothed my hair from my face. “Aubrey, you know that doesn't matter to me. If it happened, hell yes I’d be over the moon, but we both know after…”

I flung my arms around his neck and kissed him long and hard to stop him from bringing up what happened. The warmth of his embrace was all I needed to feel human again.

“I missed you.”

He let out a small laugh that did funny things to my insides. “Me too, honey. I’m never leaving you for that long ever again.”

His fingers traced the necklace around my neck with our initials. “I have a surprise for you, Bre.”
My face lit up. Even though I didn't like him spending money on me I would never turn down his gifts. “Oh yeah?”

He nodded. “It’s on the table down stairs.”

Wiping the tears from my eyes I hopped off his lap and ran down the stairs. Hearing him laugh at my reaction behind me, I halted when I came face to face with a large box on the table in the foyer.

 It was wrapped in black paper with a huge red bow on it. As I reached for the bow Caston came up behind me and snaked his hands around my waist and bent over and kissed me where my neck and shoulder met.

“I hope you like it.”

 “Cass, I love all your gifts.”

I pulled the top off and peaked in. The cutest little face stared back up at me.

“Oh my God, Caston!” I screamed as I reached in and pulled the fuzzy pup out of the box.

 His fluffy black fur was sticking up like little feathers. I immediately snuggled him into my chest. His little pink tongue started licking my face. I was in love.

 Turning around in Caston’s arms I smiled up at my love and a tear ran down my cheek.

“No, Bre, no tears.”

 “Cass, they are happy tears. You just made me a mom.”

His arms tightened around me and I snuggled into his chest and pulled the pup into us. The little teeth nipped at Caston’s chin and I let out a laugh. My heart felt like it was going to burst.

“This little guy is going to be my shadow,” I said, “Thank you,Caston. You always know just what to get.”

 “Aubrey, I think you just named him.”

I pulled my head back and looked at him confused.

“Shadow. I think it fits him perfectly.”

The puppy seemed to think so too because he let out a little yip and tilted his head as if he were listening to us. Caston and I laughed at his reaction and I felt at ease. My husband was home and I was a mommy. Life was perfect.

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While Self Editing....

As I was doing my self edits I came across this quote that made me squirm...

He removed his fingers and brought them to my mouth to suck. Without hesitation, I grabbed his hand and sucked them clean as if my life depended on it.
Have I Told You

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Here is the teaser I promised for 625 likes on my Facebook page! 
As always:


-Material posted below is subject to change before publishing.-

I reached down and squeezed his ass.

"Oh no, no you don't. I have to go to work. If you start I won't stop. You also have to go to school."
I moaned and tried again. He pushed me away lightly and spun me around to usher me to get ready. "Yes, dad." I said mockingly. I started to walk away but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back into his embrace, planting a kiss on me that made me weak in the knees. Finally, breaking the kiss, he pushed me forward a bit and smacked my ass as I walked away from him.

"Don't test me Aubrey."

I just looked over my shoulder as I dropped my robe and entered the shower.

His face was torn. I saw him check the time and I knew I had him. He quickly dropped his towel and in a few quick motions was behind me in the shower. Spinning me around, he swiftly lifted me up and pinned me to the wall. In one motion he was inside me. The water was hitting my breasts and there was a body jet hitting my ass just perfectly. The whole sensation set me off quicker than I had ever before. Caston followed behind me. Stilling once he was finished, he rested his head on my neck. "You will be the death of me and my business."

I laughed at him. "What a way to go though, huh?"

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I have been writing a lot and things are falling into place nicely!  Just thought I'd share this teaser picture with you!
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Mommy Dearest

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-Material posted below is subject to change before publishing.-

... "Beverly, I am not doing this anymore. No more lies." I screamed.

"Caston, if you know what is best for you and your dear little whore you will continue to call me Mother."

"No, no way! Your threats will not run my life anymore. Aubrey is my everything and she made me realize that you are a piece of shit that is trying to ruin my life."

A hard smack landed across my face. Her boney finger was in my face. "You will call me mother or you will regret it."

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500+ Facebook Page Likes Teaser

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-Material posted below is subject to change before publishing.-

His eyes catch mine. “Wow you look breathtaking, Aubrey.” I blush feeling his eyes roam my body.

I laugh nervously as I play with the red fringe on my ...corset. Walking over to me he plays with my black wig and strokes my cheek under my red and black mask, “This could be interesting tonight, Ms. Bennett.” I instantly feel flush and wet between my thighs.

“Only if you play your cards right, Mr Black” I say as I brush past him to the long mirror on the wall behind him.

He lets out a laugh and grabs my elbow as he pulls me flush against his chest. I can feel his arousal pressing into my back. He leans down to my neck and his hands touch the outsides of my knees. They travel up my thighs slowly toying with my black and red lace garters and he kisses my neck. He whispered in my ear, “I. Always. Play. My. Cards. Right.” His hot breath sends a shiver down my spine. I let out a slight whimper, close my eyes, and my let head fall back onto his shoulder. His hands continue up and cup my hot sex. I can feel him grow harder on my back. Reaching my arms behind my back I slide them between our bodies. I grab him through his pants and stroke his hard cock. Letting out a deep throaty moan he turns me around and his lips find mine. Devouring each others mouths I start to undo his pants and reach in to grab his cock. I bite my lip and hold him with my gaze as I run my hand from the base to tip of his granite shaft. Reaching down he lifts me up walking me over toward the bed. I thought he was going to put me on it but he sets me on the dresser on the opposite side of the room.

Sliding between my legs he grabs my new black satin panties and with one quick tug they rip apart. “We won’t need these tonight” he growls. "However that big bow on your ass was very inviting."

Two fingers plunged into me working their way in and out, spreading my folds open, and hitting my special spot. I arched my back trying to get him to pay attention to my breasts. My nipples tingled needing to be touched.

I whispered breathlessly, “Oh Caston, please.”

I wrap my legs around his waist hooking them together. I dig my new fuck me heels into his rear. His mouth bites my cleavage spilling out the top of my corset. I let out a loud scream as his bite sent me over the edge. I wrap my arms around his head and weave my fingers through his hair. Pulling him into my chest as my insides rippled around his fingers.

His teeth grab the fabric of the top and pull it down and his mouth finds my hardened nipple. He flicked his tongue over the hard point as his fingers continued their assault on my pussy. Right as I am almost over the edge again, he withdraws his fingers and takes them in his mouth. “I just love the way you taste Aubrey.” My eyes hood in ecstasy as I stare into his eyes as he sucks my juice off his fingers.

Sliding me to the edge of the dresser he steps back. He looks me over spread open waiting for him, aching for him. Removing his belt he throws it on the bed and he lets his pants fall to his ankles. His glorious cock springs fee and I lick my lips. With one quick move he enters me. The feeling is magnificent. Wrapping his arms around me he starts to move. His fingers dig into my hips as he eagerly slides in and out of my soaking pussy. “God Tink, you feel so good. I’m going to explode.”

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bonus Chapter


-Material posted below is an extension of Have I Told You. It may or may not be added to the boo...k at a later date.-

“Mr. Black, thank you so much for coming to our spring gala. I am sure you will be happy with the performance this year. We have an amazing senior class. The dancers this year are especially good,” Joe, the head of the Arts Department at State, says as he greeted me tonight.

“The pleasure is all mine, Joe. You know how much I care about the arts.”

I turned to walk over to the bar. These galas get old fast and I needed a drink. The bartender slid my drink to me and I sat back on the stool to scan the crowd for potential sweethearts. Work never ends. I saw a few girls giggling across the room and I nodded as I took a drink.

I got the biggest kick out of seeing girls squirm. I wondered what they were wearing under those dresses. Taking the last sip of my drink, I set the glass down on the bar and turned to walk over to them.

“Evening ladies. How is everyone tonight?” I asked.

They just smiled back at me. I think they were in shock that I was talking to them. The two girls looked at each other and giggled. “I’m Lana and this is Kristy. You are Caston Black aren’t you?”

I smirked, “Yes, I am Caston Black. Are you ladies in the show tonight?”

“Kristy is.” Lana said pushing her friend toward me. The girl stumbled and I caught her before she hit the ground.

She whimpered when I asked, “Are you ok? I don’t want Professor Lee to lose a dancer because of me.”

“Oh, I’m okay Mr. Black,” Kristy said shyly.

The lights blinked and I looked up at the ceiling. Fifteen minutes to curtain call. Flashing my panty dropping smile, I looked back at the girls. “Ladies, looks like I must get to my seat. Kristy, break a leg. Maybe I will catch you at the after party tonight.” I reached for their hands and brought them up to my lips kissing them gently.

I saw their legs buckle as I turned to walk away and I laughed to myself. Seeing my brother and his wife across the room, I gave a quick wave. Miles was 5 years older than me and had dirty blond hair like my mother. When I reached them, Miles slapped me on the back. “Cass, you are going to have to stop making girls swoon. I swear they were ready to suck your dick in the middle of this crowd.”

“Really, Miles? We are in public.” Sara said. “Caston, sweetheart, how are you tonight? Thank you for the invite. It is so nice to get away from the kids. A night to ourselves, what will we do?”

“I can think of a few things.” I teased.

She playfully slapped my chest. Sara was a beauty. Too good for my brother for sure. She was tall, thin, had dark wavy hair and a beautiful smile. She was an amazing mother to my niece and nephew.

“Is that all you two think about?”

“Yup.” Miles and I said in unison.

I offered Sara my arm and we walked into the theater with Miles walking behind us. Each seat had a beautifully printed program tied with a large satin bow. Sitting down, we made small talk until the lights went out.

The first number was an opera singer. I tried hard to stay awake. Work had been crazy and I had been up for over eighteen hours. I got a jab in the ribs from Sara just as my eyes started to close. Shaking myself awake, I opened up the program to read. I turned to the back. The dance program.

That is when I saw her. Her big hazel eyes, her long, wavy brunette hair falling over her shoulders cascading down her back. Her pale, creamy skin. Her picture spoke to me. I felt as though her eyes were pulling me to her. She was my next Hollywood Sweetheart. I could not wait to see her dance. I touched the picture and a shiver went down my spine. That was strange. I never reacted like this.

That is when the music changed. I looked up. The long legs traveled up to a beautiful ass. I felt myself getting hard. I knew it was her before she turned around. I had to meet her.

Once she turned around my breath caught. She was perfect. I could picture the magazine spread already…in her pointe shoes naked from the back, seeing her muscles highlighted perfectly. I would also love to do a bound picture with her too. Bound on pointe with her ass in the air.

I quickly took out my phone and typed in Aubrey Bennett, next BHS.

I needed a release. The images in my head were making it unbearable. I quickly looked around to see if I could find Lana. Sure enough I saw her staring at me while biting her lip. She was nothing compared to Aubrey but she would do.

I excused myself to Sara and Miles. As I stood up I caught Lana’s eye and nodded toward the door indicating for her to follow me. Reaching the lobby, Lana was on my heels. I walked toward the men’s bathroom and held the door open for her. Locking the door behind me, I turned around to see her already on her knees in front of me ready and willing to suck me off. I started to reach for my zipper but all I could picture was this Aubrey girl’s face. I tried to keep going but Lana wasn’t Aubrey. I couldn’t do this. I had to meet her.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

250+ Facebook Page Likes Teaser

Before I post the teaser I need to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Kelly Elliott and Amanda Jay for posting my link on their author pages. I cannot thank you enough for showing your support!  

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Ok now to the good stuff! Since you guys are SO fabulous and blew up my likes... 100 new likes in less than an hour... Not only am I going to post a teaser, tomorrow I will post a short story about Caston and Aubrey as a bonus chapter!!

Here is the teaser I've been promising:


-Material posted below is subject to change prior to publishing.-

"Do you trust me?"

"Always," I purred.

He removed his belt from his shorts. "Move your hands away from your pussy."

I did as I was told, moving them to rest on my hips. He walked to my right side and let a fingertip trace up my arm as he did. Without warning the tip of his belt struck me between my legs. It was unexpected and stung but felt amazing. I gasped and rolled my head back taking in the feeling. I was panting when his thumb plunged into my mouth commanding me to suck it. As soon as I was focused on that, he snapped at my pussy again. My heart raced. I was soaking down there. I had never felt like this before. He took my wrists and flipped me so I was kneeling toward the back of the chair. The belt was lightly smacked across my ass. I was squirming needing to be touched. “Please Caston, touch me,” I pleaded.

Just then my arms were bound behind my back and I was pulled backwards I was panting as I let myself adjust to the new position. His breath in my ear was exhilarating. "Don't think," he growled, “just feel.”

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My dear and loyal readers,

What can I say to you all that expresses just how thankful I am for you?  You have followed my journey over the last 3 months while I wrote my blog.  Many of you have asked when will I make this into a book.  Well, I must be out of my mind or you all are just that persuasive...  :)  But this chapter will be the last released on here.  I have decided to finish it and publish it as an ebook, probably kindle.  Am I crazy, yes I think so.  I do hope you won't be too upset with me...  I am starting an author page on facebook.  (Link below)  The blog will also stay up.  I will communicate through both pages and still post teasers and probably do giveaways when I can as other authors do.  I really hope that you will continue to follow me, share my page, share my blog, and spread my story by word of mouth.  I am doing this for all of you.  You have inspired me to follow my dreams and be who I am.  I can not thank you enough. 
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Big Things Coming Monday

New chapter and a big announcement coming Monday!!!  Stay Tuned!!!!!

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Made with love from one of my avid readers!
Thank you Jenn Cools!