Friday, August 30, 2013

1390 Likes Teaser

1390 Likes!!! YAY! Thank you! As promised.....

**ADULT TEASER- 18+ years and older only**

Teaser below is NOT edited and subject to change before book release.

FL Jacob
Book ? in the Black Hollywood Duology (Ohhh... now I got you salivating didn't I... )

  Rolling my hips again in his lap I hear him moan just as I get the button free and reach in to release his velvety shaft into my hand. grip tightens in my hair and he slams my mouth back into him. Rising up slightly in one swift motion I pushed my thong to the side and placed him at the entrance of my throbbing pussy.

We parted breathless, millimeters from becoming one.

“Sabrina, I’m sorry about this morning,” his voice waivered.

I knew he pushed the woman away, Sara told me when I met with her, and I understand why he got upset this morning. “Caston, shut the fuck up and…”

He slammed into me. My head fell back letting out a carnal scream. His cock sliced through me impaling me, splitting me in half. Caston’s hands reached around and palmed my ass as he continued his assault on my pussy. I lost it screaming his name as I came so hard and fast around his cock. He continued pumping into me until his own release took him over. Our mouths collided as we held each other while we came down from our erotic high.

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