Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I promised a teaser on my Facebook page today if I got 10 comments saying they wanted it...  Guess what?  You guys did it!  So here we go!
****REMINDER, content is mine.  Please do not use it without permission.  Teaser below is NOT edited and is subject to change before the final book is released!  ENJOY!!!!

(To give it more feeling, start this song and read while listening to it.)
I Won't Give Up on You
*Mark's POV*
The room is full of steam. I can see her resting her head back on a bath pillow. Bubbles threaten to spill over the top of the tub. Jasmine wafts through the air.
“About time you brought my wine.” She doesn’t even open her eyes when she holds out her hand for me to place the glass in.
“Once I finish this job for you, I’m done.”
I place the glass in her hand and turn to leave the room as I hear her shift making water slosh over the side. I can only assume she is sitting up but I don’t look behind me to find out. I won’t give her an inkling that I’m afraid of her. She would feed off of it and hold it against me.
This is my house, I am not going to walk on eggshells around her. Walking into the living room I pick up the remote and turn on Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, turning it up loud. A lot louder than I normally would but I want to make a point.
This is it. Exactly as the song says. Welcome to the new age. My age, my time.
I sit on the brown leather couch and cross my leg, resting my ankle on my opposite knee. Staring at the doorway between the rooms. The doom fills me but I won’t give up. No more will anyone run me. It started with my dad, moved to my coaches, and now it’s her. I want to run my life. My soul is alive for the first time.
As the music pumps through me I suddenly see her appear.
“Turn this shit down.” Her face is hard and unrelenting.
My eyes harden. I shake my head slowly. Purposely. I’ve woken up.

She walks over to me and smacks me across the face. I don’t even flinch. I can tell she is flustered when I don’t give in to her. She backs up a few steps, almost stumbling over the coffee table.
“What the fuck is wrong with you? You respect me.”

I stare at her. I don’t speak. I hold my ground.

“Mark, kneel. NOW.”

I get up, I want to fuck with her. Walking over I stop in front of the bitch. Towering over her I look down and I see her straighten her spine. An evil smile crosses her face, but I intend to wipe it right back off.
“Kneel.” She states, but I heard that slight crack in her voice.
She is now mine. I control her. Placing my hands on her shoulders I press down. She resists at first but she finally gives up and she sinks to her knees.
Welcome to the new age.

I’m the master now.

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