Thursday, May 2, 2013

250+ Facebook Page Likes Teaser

Before I post the teaser I need to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Kelly Elliott and Amanda Jay for posting my link on their author pages. I cannot thank you enough for showing your support!  

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Ok now to the good stuff! Since you guys are SO fabulous and blew up my likes... 100 new likes in less than an hour... Not only am I going to post a teaser, tomorrow I will post a short story about Caston and Aubrey as a bonus chapter!!

Here is the teaser I've been promising:


-Material posted below is subject to change prior to publishing.-

"Do you trust me?"

"Always," I purred.

He removed his belt from his shorts. "Move your hands away from your pussy."

I did as I was told, moving them to rest on my hips. He walked to my right side and let a fingertip trace up my arm as he did. Without warning the tip of his belt struck me between my legs. It was unexpected and stung but felt amazing. I gasped and rolled my head back taking in the feeling. I was panting when his thumb plunged into my mouth commanding me to suck it. As soon as I was focused on that, he snapped at my pussy again. My heart raced. I was soaking down there. I had never felt like this before. He took my wrists and flipped me so I was kneeling toward the back of the chair. The belt was lightly smacked across my ass. I was squirming needing to be touched. “Please Caston, touch me,” I pleaded.

Just then my arms were bound behind my back and I was pulled backwards I was panting as I let myself adjust to the new position. His breath in my ear was exhilarating. "Don't think," he growled, “just feel.”

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