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#TeaserTuesday ~ Chapter 4 ~ Give Me All of You

Give Me All of You
Black Hollywood Series, Book 3
Beth & Jake's Story

COMING March 16, 2015
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So, without further ado....  
*Chapter is unedited and subject to change prior to publication.  Copyright 2015 by FL Jacob*

Chapter 4

I stretch out in bed and realize the spot next to me that Beth should be in is ice cold.  Sitting straight up in bed, it takes a minute for my eyes to adjust.  I look around, trying to listen for the shower or any indication that she’s in the apartment still.  Nothing. Shit!  I fall back onto my back and run my hands through my hair and yell out in frustration.  The pit in my stomach churns making me want to run to the bathroom.  Throwing the covers off of me I walk out into the living room.  She’s not in here either and her purse isn't on the table where she left it last night.  Fuck!  I punch the wall next to me sending my hand through the thin plaster. 

It takes a few moments for the throbbing pain to register in my hand but its faint compared to the hurt in my heart right now.  I see my cell on the table next to the couch from the night before.  As if on cue it lights up with a message. 

Brother issues.  Sorry.  Didn't want to wake you.

Well, at least I knew where she was.  Maybe I did jump to conclusions too fast, but with her past how could I not.  Somehow her explanation didn't make me feel any better.  Needing to hear her voice to confirm my suspicions one way or another, I dial her.  This isn't a conversation to have over texting.  The phone rings and rings, going right to voice mail.  Damn it!  She just fucking texted me.  I know she has her phone by her.  My suspicions are confirmed.  She is avoiding me for some reason.

“Beth, baby, please call me.”  I hang up and quickly get ready for work.  I had a feeling it was going to be a long, mentally exhausting day.  Half hour later I’m pulling up in front of Caston and Sabrina’s house to pick up Bre for a few appointments. 

Walking in the door I’m hit with the smell of breakfast and my stomach growls reminding me that I neglected to eat anything this morning.  Making my way to the kitchen I see Jules hard at work at the stove.  “Hey, Jules, what’s cookin’?” placing a kiss on her cheek.  She is like a mom to all the security guards, always making sure we are fed or have snacks during our daily duties.
She turns wiping her hands in her apron.  “Jake, good morning dear.  Omelets.  Can I whip you up one?”

Not knowing exactly my schedule for the day yet, I shake my head. 

“Okay dear, just let me know if you do.  Is everything alright?”  She places a hand on my forehead and then touches my cheek.  Her eyes are full of concern.

“Do I look that bad?” I chuckle. 

She turns back to flip contents in the pan.  “Only time I saw worse was when Sabrina left Mr. Black.”

Damn, she hit the nail on the head.  “Jules you are wiser than you take credit for.  I’ll let you know on that omelet.”  I pat her shoulder and make my way to the dining room. 

Sabrina is sitting by the table eating her cereal while baby Brianna is babbling in the high chair next to her.  She’s got smashed up banana spread all over the tray and in her hair. 

I let out a laugh at the sight.  “Look at that little princess.  I heard banana is good for the skin.” She sees me and lets out a shriek of laughter.  Brianna’s babbling makes me smile.  I walk over to her and steal a banana slice off her tray that she hasn't demolished yet.  I exaggerate my actions and make a noise when I place the tiny piece in my mouth sending her into another fit of giggles.

“Hey Jake, I didn't hear you come in this morning.”  Bre looks up from the book in front of her.  Her smile falls when she lays eyes on me.

“Just got here, Ma’am, I’m sorry I’m late.”

“Jake, how many freaking times do I have to tell you not to call me that.  You’re dating my best friend for fuck’s sake.  Plus, what the heck is wrong with you.  No offense, but you look like death warmed up.”

I tug at my tie that suddenly feels like it is cutting off my circulation and try to swallow. 

“What the hell happened this time?  What did she do now?”

Moving closer to the table, I sink into the seat across from Bre.  I feel like a gigantic pussy right now.  Beth didn't say she left me, just my gut feeling.  She just left, in the middle of the night, after a fight, and then didn't answer my phone call.  Taking a deep breath I start telling her about what happened last night.

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