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#TBT ~ Have I Told You

Let's throw back today to my first book, Have I Told You.  The one that started it all.  The one that was actually started right here on the blog!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Have I Told You was born on the blog.  I posted a chapter a week for quite a few months until I got so many messages saying I should turn it into a book.  I took their advice to heart and the rest, as they say, is history.  

How about a teaser from Have I Told You?

“Mr. Black, thank you so much for coming to our Winter Gala. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the performance this year. We have an amazing senior class. The senior dancers this year are especially good,” Joe, the head of the Arts Department at State, says as he greeted me tonight.

“The pleasure is mine, Joe. You know how much I care about the arts.”

I turned to walk over to the bar, leaving Joe behind. The mingling at these galas got on my nerves, and I needed a drink. The bartender slid my drink to me, and I sat back on the stool to scan the crowd for potential sweethearts. Work never ended.

I saw a couple girls giggling across the room. I nodded at them as I took a drink. One was a dark eyed, exotic beauty, and the other was a pale, stick thin blond. They were both students. If there was anything I learned from coming to these galas for years was the students were easy to spot.

There were two types here, and those two girls each fell into a category. Over confident, sexy as hell, and will do anything to advance themselves was one category. The other was the non-confident. No confidence was a total turn off for me. It meant you did not believe in yourself. You had no fight. I was not going to remake someone. They have to have the drive to begin with.

I got the biggest kick out of seeing these girls squirm when I winked at them. I wondered what they were wearing under those dresses. Taking the last sip of my drink, I set the glass on the bar. Never braking eye contact with them, I made my way through the crowd.

“Evening, ladies. How is everyone tonight?” I asked, stepping between them, delivering my panty dropping smile, and touching the smalls of their backs. The small touch gives me the ability to see how a woman will react to me. Just that little contact tells me if they are open, confident, and if they take care of themselves. I need that control.

The two girls looked at each other, giggled, and smiled goofily back at me. I lightly thumbed their backs. My exotic dark eyed beauty was perfectly muscular. Her friend felt like a skeleton, which made me withdraw my hand quickly. I did not like boney. I wanted a healthy girl with a figure to kill for.

“I’m Lana, this is Kristy,” my dark eyed beauty said. She tentatively continued, “You’re Caston Black, aren’t you?”

I smirked, “Yes, I am Caston Black. Are you ladies in the show tonight?”

“Kristy is.” Lana said, pushing her friend toward me. The girl stumbled, and I caught her before she hit the ground.

She whimpered when I asked, “Are you okay? I don’t want Professor Lee to lose a dancer because of me.”

“Oh, I’m okay, Mr. Black,” Kristy said shyly, not making eye contact. No confidence, just as I suspected.

The lights blinked, and I looked up at the ceiling. Fifteen minutes to curtain call. Smiling, I looked back at the girls. “Ladies, looks like I must get to my seat. Kristy, break a leg. Lana, maybe I will catch you at the after party tonight?” I reached for their hands and brought them up to my lips, kissing them gently.

I saw their legs buckle, as I turned to walk away, and I laughed to myself. Seeing my brother and his wife across the room, I gave a quick wave. Jon was five years older than me and had dirty blond hair like Mother. When I reached them, Jon slapped me on the back. “Cass, you’re going to have to stop making girls swoon. I swear that one was ready to suck your dick in the middle of this crowd.”

“Really, Jon? We’re in public,” Sara said. “Caston, sweetheart, how are you tonight? Thank you for the invite. It’s so nice to get away from the kids. A night to ourselves – what will we do?”

“I can think of a few things.” I teased, pulling her in for a hug and a quick peck on the cheek.
She playfully slapped my chest. Sara was a beauty inside and out. Too good for my brother. She was tall, had dark wavy hair, and a beautiful genuine smile. She is an amazing mother to my niece and nephew. My heart still aches for her when I think about our past.

“Is that all you two think about?” she teased.

“Yup,” Jon and I said in unison.

I offered Sara my arm. “As if you can talk, my dear. I bet you can’t wait till this is over with, either.”

“You know me too well, Cass.” She kissed my cheek, then we turned to walk into the theater with Jon following behind us.

Each seat had a beautifully printed program tied with a large satin bow. Sitting down, we made small talk about the club and Black Hollywood until the lights went out.

The first half was opera singers. I tried hard to stay awake. Work had been crazy, and I had been up for over thirty-six hours. Getting a jab in the ribs, just as my eyes started to close, woke me. Shaking myself awake, I opened up the program to read about the next section. I turned to the back. The dance portion of tonight’s performance.

That’s when I saw her. Her big hazel eyes, her long, wavy brown hair falling over her shoulders, cascading down her back, her pale, creamy skin. Her picture spoke to me. I felt as though her eyes were pulling me to her, and her lips looked delectable. She was my next Hollywood Sweetheart. I could not wait to see her dance. Touching the picture, a shiver went down my spine.

The music suddenly changed. I looked up. She didn't have the typical ballet dancer body. The long muscular legs traveled up to a beautiful ass. The hourglass figure was pure perfection, curves in all the right places. Healthy, not like the stick figure I had seen earlier. Most importantly she had perfect perky breasts. The cleavage poking above her costume made my mouth salivate. Brunette hair, pulled into a tight bun on her head, showed off her long neck. She was absolutely perfect. My cock twitched, I had to meet her.

Once her face looked out into the crowd, I felt her eyes boring into my soul. I could picture her magazine spread already… Her naked, except for her pointe shoes, shot from the back, highlighting her muscles perfectly with light and shadows. I would also love to do a private picture with her, too. Bound on pointe with her ass in the air. My cock was straining in my tux pants, needing to be released.

I quickly took out my phone and typed in Sabrina Bennett, next BHS.

The images in my head were making it unbearably hard to sit still. I quickly looked around to see if I could find Lana, thinking it was probably impossible in the large crowd. Sure enough, I found her staring at me four rows back, biting her lip in contemplation of what she wanted me to do to her, no doubt. She was nothing compared to Sabrina, but she would do for tonight.

I excused myself to Sara and Jon. As I stood up I caught Lana’s eye, and nodded toward the door, indicating for her to follow me. Reaching the lobby, Lana was on my heels. I walked toward the men’s restroom, and held the door open for her. Locking the door behind me, I turned around to see her already on her knees in front of me, ready and willing to suck me off. As she reached for my zipper, all I could picture was the Sabrina girl’s face. Letting my head fall back onto the door, I closed my eyes and tried to keep going, but Lana was not Sabrina. I could not do this; I tucked myself back into my pants and quickly exited the building. I had to meet my sweetheart, soon.


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