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#TeaserTuesday - Chapter 2 - Give Me All of You - Jake & Beth's Story

Give Me All of You
Black Hollywood Series, Book 3
Beth & Jake's Story

COMING March 2015
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Every other Tuesday starting January 5th I will release a chapter to my upcoming book, Give Me All of You, until it releases in March!  So stay tuned!  

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So, without further ado....  
*Chapter is unedited and subject to change prior to publication.  Copyright 2015 by FL Jacob*

Chapter 2

I slam the door behind me as I start to undress.  It’s been a long damn day of dealing with stuck up dance moms.  Sabrina always tells me she owes me for what I go through.  She’s damn right.  No one gets paid enough for this shit.  She’s my best friend, the sister I never had.  Even on the worst day though I am thankful that Sabrina offered me the job as Studio Manager.  At first I laughed when she offered me a job because I can’t dance to save my life.  Well, I can get into the club dancing but real choreographed shit, forget it.  Then she explained she needed someone to keep the office in order so she could focus on teaching.  It was right up my alley since I was a business major.  The best part was we built the studio from the ground up so I didn't have to fix anyone else’s mistakes.  Sabrina and I have been very successful. 

     My thoughts drift off as I kick off my shoes into the open closet.  They hit the wall with a loud thud and I shimmy my hips out of my black yoga pants leaving me in my pink thong and Hollywood Stars shirt.  My blond hair is pulled up in a messy ponytail and I feel like my makeup from this morning is gone.  If I look as bad as I feel, I might as well crawl into bed now and sleep until morning. 

     I run my hands over my face sending my mind into overdrive, what the hell is Jake talking about? Moving in together?  What does he want from me?  I’m afraid, afraid to let him further into my heart, afraid to watch him turn his back on me when he finds out my horrible secret.  Plus, why ruin something that is working. Right now I still have my apartment and even though I haven’t been there recently it’s still there for an escape if things get too heavy.  If we move, well that’s permanent and I could lose everything, worst of all my heart. 

     I don’t even hear him walk in because I’m facing the wall deep in thought.  His warm embrace slides around my waist sending an instant calm over my body.  He places his chin on my shoulder and pulls me tighter against his hard body. 

     “Who put you in the corner, baby?” 

     I sigh and let my eyes close.  His voice vibrates through to my soul.

     “I’m sorry I brought it up.  Just forget it.”

     Damn that accent gets me every time, sending a rush of warmth through my body and a tingle between my legs. 

     “I’m sorry I was so short, it’s just been a hell of a day.  Plus, you know I can’t.” I turn my head so my lips are millimeters away from his.  We hold each other’s gaze and I can’t help but notice the hurt in his eyes.  I cover his hand with one of mine and slide my other hand up to cradle his face sliding my fingers in his sandy colored hair.  I mentally beg him to not give up on me.  As if he can read my mind he presses forward giving me a light kiss that is so full of promise. 

     The tingle is still there after all this time.  It still makes my knees go week.  His fingers start to move gathering the hem of my shirt.  When he gathers a handful he breaks our kiss just long enough to whip the shirt off over my head.  I turn to face him, jumping up into his arms.  He catches me with ease, gripping my ass.  Our kisses turn primal. 

     Jake walks us over to the bed and throws me down as he pulls his shirt off and pushes his pants down in a matter of seconds.  My heart races at the site of the Adonis in front of me.  He has perfectly sculpted wide shoulders, washboard abs you can’t help but reach out and touch to see if they are real, the tapered waist with the V that dips under the waist of his boxer briefs.  The V, the ultimate guide to what lay beneath, as if I need the road map, I instinctively am drawn to him.  The promise of pure heaven.  I always catch myself sucking in a breath when he grabs the elastic of his briefs.  Knowing this drives me crazy he pauses, his eyes darken and his head cocks to the side.  The smirk that turns me into a puddle spreads across his face, the crooked smile which reveals his dimple.  A shiver runs through me.

     “Damn Jake, you tease too much.”

     “Do I baby?”

     I bite my lip and nod slowly.  His fingers pull the black Diesel boxer briefs down allowing his large cock to spring free making me squeeze my legs together.  I still can’t get over what this man has been blessed with. 
     “See something you like?”

     “You know I do.”  I whisper as he moves up my body kissing all of the places that send me toward the edge.  My knees, the insides of my thighs, each hip bone, belly button, the scar on my abdomen; his lips leave a trail of fire on my skin.  My nipples harden under the confines of the lace material of my bra.  I arch off the bed as his hands graze the sides of my body.  He has a magical way of reaching around me to unsnap my bra without me even realizing until it is off my body.  Hooking a leg around his waist, I push myself into his body trying desperately to relieve the ache that is so strong. 

     “I know baby, let me take care of you.”

     My head falls back and I close my eyes.  Jake kisses his way up my neck to nuzzle under my ear.  Goosebumps spring up on my skin.  I’m lost in the feeling when I sense the tug on my thong.  It snaps with just a twist of his wrist.  In the blink of an eye, he has two fingers plunging into me.  Jake’s fingers move in and out rubbing that perfect spot as his mouth covers mine.  I’m so close.  The low rumble in his throat sends a rush of heat through my body.  He applies pressure to my clit.

     “Oh God, Jake, I’m coming.”  My hands grip the sheets, twisting them as I roll my hips into his hand. 

     Jake’s hands push me over the edge, clearing my mind making me forget all my woes.  When I arrive back on earth from the mind blowing orgasm, my eyes meet his.
     “I love watching you come, Elizabeth.”  His devilish smile gives him away.  He’s always thinking of how he can make me come again.

     It’s my turn though, I want him to feel just as good as I do.  Placing my hands on his chest I ease him onto his back.  I allow my hands to trace the valleys of his muscle definition.  I don’t think he could get any sexier but every day I think he is.  “I’m going to take care of you now babe.” 

     His eyes flutter shut as I grip my hand around his hard shaft, lightly squeezing as I run it up and down the length with a slight twist.  Using my other hand I grab the tie holding my hair up allowing my blond waves to fall down past my shoulders.  I shake my hair as I continue my slow stroke on his hard cock.  He loves my hair down.

     Wetting my lips I lower myself down, never breaking eye contact with him.  I love keeping his stare as I take him in my mouth.  His eyes darken to a deep royal blue.  The sharp intake of breath he sucks through clenched teeth lets me know that he loves this.  I could get off on the trance that overcomes his face when I wrap my lips around him and take his cock deep to the back of my throat.  Once I hit the limit, I try to relax to go just a bit past my comfort zone which always causes a growl to rip through his body. 

     Today he grabs a fist full of hair to hold me down as his head falls back to take in the sensation.  I slowly swirl my tongue up the underside of his length and cup his balls.  The sound of my sucking and his moans fill the room.

     “Beth, I want to come in you.  If you don’t stop now I’m going to come in your mouth.”  His voice is only a controlled whisper. 

     My eyes flash up to meet his.  The sparkle I see in them is an unspoken promise.  I’ve seen it before, I’m going to get the pounding I need tonight.  Popping the head of his cock out of my mouth, I let my tongue flick the head teasing him one last time.  It’s only a matter of seconds before he flips me onto my back flinging my legs over his shoulders and ramming into me hard and fast.  Just the way I love it.  He hits my g-spot perfectly and I’m quickly bucking with the pressure of my impending release.  I can’t help the lustful scream that rips through me. 

     “Just hold on a—Damn baby you are so fucking tight.”

     I want to buck off of him and I would if Jake didn’t have a hard grip on my hips helping him pound into me harder than I thought he could. 
     “Jake, you feel so good.” I pull and tug at my nipples to heighten the already over the top sensations going through my body. 

     He quickens his pace and I can tell he is ready.  I need to feel him against me.  Quickly shifting my legs, I wrap them around his waist and reach up to pull him into me.  His weight crashes into my body as both of our orgasms take us.  The grunting and moaning filling the room slows to a quiet hush.

     I welcome his weight on me as we come down from our high.  Jake’s face snuggles into my neck placing light, butterfly kisses intermittently and I lightly stroke his back with my nails.  My eyes remain closed as I savor the heat of our connected bodies.  I can feel his heart beating against my chest.  Tonight feels different, my stomach does a flip flop.   

     “That was—”

     “Amazing.” I finish with a smile on my face.

     This time, holding each other after our love making, this is what I enjoy the most.  Our connection.  I fell hard for Jake when I first laid eyes on him.  I won’t admit it out loud though.  I fight it with every breath I take. 

     I was deceived about love by so many people since I was a teen, I vowed to never love anyone again.  Even when I was with Broc I wasn't in love, he thought I loved him, but I dreamed of getting my hands on some of the others on campus.  I knew if I felt like that, it wasn't right.  No one was able to break through the brick walls I’d built around my heart after the heartache I’d been through.  That was until Jake.  I wanted to take it slow, but how could I not fall into bed with him after that party in Mexico.  I was a bit tipsy, he was a smooth talker.  I’m not sure either one of us thought we would see each other after the trip besides the occasional passing, since he worked for Caston.  When that night came to an end with a bang, I ended up not being able to keep my hands off of him.  Between his voice, his skilled hands, and fucking drop dead gorgeous body, I thought I died and went to heaven.  Who would have guessed that he was funny, sweet and romantic too?  So, stupidly I made up a friends with benefits rule thinking I was protecting my heart.

     That was about two years ago.  I sshouldn'tbe upset about the idea of moving to a place that we can officially call ours.  Even now I still refer to this apartment as his.  Even when he refers to it as ours, I always correct him. 

     “You’re not with me right now, are you?”  Jake shifts to my side, breaking our connection.  His face falls when he looks at me.

     “I’m sorry,” I turn to face him.  “Just a lot going through my head.”

     He slides his arms around me and kisses my forehead before resting his against mine.  “You can talk to me about it.”

     Closing my eyes I take a deep breath.  I can’t talk to you when my thoughts are about us. “Just hold me.  That’s all I ask.”

     Reaching down to grab the blanket, he covers us. Pulling my body closer to him again.  “You don’t ever have to ask me to do that.  I love you Beth.”

     And there it was.  (Just three little words.) I still can’t bring myself to say it back to him.  He’s never questioned my reluctance to say it back.  I choke back tears by snuggling deeper into his body.  Even though it’s dinner time I drift off to sleep in the arms of the man I can’t admit I love.  


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