Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 1, Day 3 #BigGirlsDoItRunning

Day 3 of #BigGirlsDoItRunning

If you missed my last couple days, you can click the tag "WilderWay" at the bottom of this post to link you to all the posts for the challenges.

Here's my recap of the remainder of day 2 and breakfast of day 3.

For once, I wasn't hungry until lunch time.  Granted by that time I was suddenly starving.  I'm not sure why it hit me so hard but I wanted to devour my lunch.  I had another salad with some pretzels. Same dressing on the salad, but no meat this time.  I forgot to grab it.  I was full after lunch which was good and tried to eat slow since I was so hungry.  I wanted to make the food last and I felt like if I slowed that down, I'd process it better.  I'm not sure if that's true but I tell myself that.

I had a snack around 3:00 of one of the Peanut Nature Valley Bars.  I knew I had things to do tonight and I didn't want to have my sugar drop so I grabbed that snack.

When I got home, I wasn't great.  My kids were eating popcorn, I grabbed a handful.  I also grabbed a small bowl of cheese.  (I logged it all, but felt guilty at night for grabbing these things.)

Dinner was amazing.  It was a "nothing" dinner really but just seasoned so well.  Hubby did a great job making it!  We had cheese burgers and sauteed vegetables.  Here's my plate.

See, super simple.  The important thing with this plate...  even just a year ago you'd never catch me with vegetables on my plate, not to mention them taking up over half of it!  Progress.  

Drinking today was 97% water.  I had a half of a diet coke when I broke down and snacked after work.  So again, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Exercise today was my tap dance class.  Don't raise your eyebrow at me.  I've been dancing since I was 3 years old.  So, it's not an "old persons" beginners class that you don't get much movement from.  It's an "old person" advanced class that you sweat your ass off in.  I came home gross but feeling great.  Sore but great!  Unfortunately I can't keep my phone on me during class so I don't know how many steps I took during it.  I don't have a fitbit or anything like that so I can't measure what I actually did in there.  Might have to look into options for this.

Start of Day 3:

I was super sore getting up today, but really not tired.  Dare I say somewhat energized?  Might need to step back and re-evaluate that statement.  We'll see how it is tomorrow...

Weigh in this morning:
248.2 (Same as the day before)
(I know this will fluctuate throughout the week, but I snuck a look at the weeks ahead and Jasinda said to weigh every day and make a note. I'm just implementing it earlier.)

Reminder of the weekly challenge:
No sugar at breakfast.  Focus on protein-rich foods.  Completely cut out all sugar before noon.  

Again for breakfast hubby made eggs with green peppers and green onions.  I had my water for a drink. I grabbed one of my daughter's donuts and had it almost to my mouth before I remembered NO SUGAR!  I groaned (yes, I really did) and put it back.  Yay me, but I still want that stupid thing.  LOL

I'm at work, not tired.  Feeling full.  I want to grab a snack because it's habit, but am resisting the temptation.  I think I'll go fill up my water instead.  I'm also looking forward to my walk tonight!  

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