Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week 3, Day 18 #BigGirlsDoItRunning

Day 18 of #BigGirlsDoItRunning

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I know I missed day 17.  I completely got caught up in work and forget and didn't remember until super late at night and by then I was editing my book which is past it's deadline for getting to the editor soooooooo, I kept editing.  

I did go for a walk last night!  Did well for just a walk   Hubby went with me so it was nice to have someone there but we both had one earbud in which I think helped me keep pace to my music that I normally listen too.  I wish I could jog, but my knee's still bothering me a little and since the dance show is this Saturday, I figure I should take it easy so I can do my best for that.  Then I can push myself again.  

Dinner was thrown together, just some steak and vegetables but it was seasoned well and it was good.  

Week 3:
The Challenge: 

Cut out all non-stevia-sweetened soda and sugary drinks.  Stick with no sugar until dinnertime.  Stick with the 30 minutes of movement 3 times a week.  Keep tracking your weight everyday.  

*I don't have any problem doing this since I usually only drink water anyways.  I've been grabbing a Bai Water every so often at the store but that's stevia sweetened so I'm fine with that.  So this week seems super easy to me.  I can say that if I was just starting I know this would be super hard, but since I've been doing this since January, I'm golden.

Back down!  I hope to keep on this track.  I'm determined to lose 10lbs in 22 days.  That's a lofty goal and if I don't hit it, I'll be okay, but I'd love to do it.  I have an author event and I'd love to be down again.  

Breakfast was eggs, green peppers, and green onions.  Today hubby added a little of the left over steak into the eggs.  It was super yummy.  

You're probably asking if I'm sick of eggs in the morning.  Kinda, but when I don't eat them I don't have a good morning so for now until I find something that works as good as the eggs do for me energy wise, I'll keep eating them.  

A reminder of what book my lifestyle change is based on:

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