Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 4, Day 22 #BigGirlsDoItRunning

Day 22 of #BigGirlsDoItRunning

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I know I once again missed a few days, but the dance show was this weekend and it was a crazy day at work on Friday because it was the last day of school.  I was running around with my head cut off from Friday through Sunday.

I didn't walk Friday night because I didn't want to do anything accidentally to ruin my legs/knees for the dance show.  Saturday, no walk because obviously the show was that day and I was there almost the entire day for practice and for the actual show itself.  

I did go wogging (walk/jogging) yesterday with my new shoes!  I did great!  It felt good, my knee didn't hurt and I was able to cut my time again.

New week starts today!

Week 4:

Cut out ALL sugar and refined carbs.  

This is something I've been doing already so this week will be another (hopefully) easy week for me. 

She states that you can still have, Low Carb Mission wraps, Brown rice, sweet potatoes, sprouted breads, Dreamfield brand pasta, oats, quinoa, nut flours, and carbs that naturally occur in fruits, nuts, veggies, and beans.


Still move three times a week, but make sure 1 of those times is actually walking, jogging, or wogging.  

*Obviously won't have a problem with that since I do this 5 times a week or more anyways!

Week 4 Start Stats:

Weight: 243.2
Down a few ounces from my Friday weigh in!  I'll take it.  Weekends are always hard for me and I didn't do awful!

Week 1- Week 4

Side view.

Again, I don't see a difference between week 3 & 4 but I definitely see a difference from the 1st week!

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